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Sunday, January 07, 2007


One last push and that’s you finished in Iraq, Mr President!

Read this A senseless waste of life!-Our continued presence in Iraq will solve nothing,the situation there has deteriorated to a point of civil war,which neither the Whitehouse or number ten is denying,so why keep our troops there to be maimed and killed for a forlorn hope?-The obvious reason why British servicemen are still dieing in Iraq is because for Tony Blair to bring them home now he would have to admit he was wrong and his whole Iraq involvement a mistake and his arrogance and vainness will not allow him to admit that,so our servicemen will continual to suffer and be sacrificed on the altar of Tony Blair's ego!-He took Britain into an illegal war in Iraq by lying,we shouldn't be there it's not our business,our troops are dieing for nothing and because Tony Blair is a COWARD and a TRAITOR to this country they'll continual to die!

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