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Friday, January 05, 2007


Navy may lose half of its fleet in savings proposal!

Read this Here's an idea-Sack John Presscott,his salary alone could send at least one warship to sea!

Read also-From Royal Navy to coastal defence force

Also-How Britannia was allowed to rule the waves

The only way to make realistic savings in this country is to first hang all the government for treason only in public and on mainstream tv rather than on a mobile phone.
Secondly close the borders to all immigrants and undesirables.
Round up all the immigrants in the country who have gone missing and send them back to where they came from (mainly France)!
Then lets get a grip of all the useless tossers in our own country who rely on us taxpayers to feed clothe and house them while we work for a living.
There are plenty of jobs available in this country-the recruiting sergeant is awaiting your call!
Once these tasks have been achieved and only then will this country have about 50% of its GDP to re-invest in the NHS, the Armed Forces, Education and Policing.
Get rid of the pink and fluffy brigade and invest in the normal hard working law abiding citizens of this country who deserve so much better.
That includes maintaining a decent sized navy as well as the other services. A realistic saving MR Brown would be to do away with the RAF VC10's that are continually knackered and use charter aircraft instead, then maybe the troops would be able to get home on r & r on time -an added bonus!
I only hope that every war dickhead blair drags us into we are going to be supported by the Yanks as by fuck we rely on them now. They are the only method of providing close air support in Afghanistan as the RAF are too busy having tea and medals in the officers mess! How we won the battle of Britain I don't know!
The Army is now so small I'm sure it should now be renamed as a militia as the Navy will be called the Coastal defence Force.
Well who the fuck voted for the labour party-bunch of incompetent, greedy, self obsessed tossers.
It is obviously time for a new party in this country and I'm not talking about the Tories or the Libs as they are all as bad as each other. There must be a new way ahead to preserve the traditions and pride of this country and that can only come from a military coup! A can do organisation such as the military can acheive anything with nothing-we have proved it time and time again only with no ships we will have to book tickets on the herald of free enterprise to get anywhere!
Lets march on downing street now and remove the incompetant tossers
I am English, I am British and I will not see my country turned into Englandistan!
My fellow comrades I think we may all be better off in the Aussie or the Kiwi Army god knows half my mates have gone already lucky bastards!
Dessert a sinking ship? let Captain Blair go down with it he deserves nothing less
The ravings of a Paratrooper
Airborne all the way-If we have any planes left!
I'm senseing some pent up frustration here...
The first duty of any Government is to provide the means to defend the nation. This does not include illegal overseas wars. We are fast reaching the stage when our elected government is not carrying out its duties, but what is pissing me off big style is that no one seems to care!!!

I think i have a solution
Neither Washington nor Brussels
just Britain.
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