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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Muslims 'refuse anti-MRSA gel'!

Read this If they refuse to use the gel they shouldn't be allowed on the wards then!-If they don't like it Tough Titty,get a life!-I do hope the underfunded NHS doesn't give in to Political Correctness and waste desperately needed money buying a non-alcoholic substitute just to pamper to these idiots needs!-MRSA is a killer and the gel is a sensible precaution to help combat it,if a Muslim feels that washing their hands with it somehow offends their religion and refuses to use it,putting patients lives at risk from infection in the process,then it's a stupid medieval,religion and has no place in modern society and particulary Britain!

Don't let them in then. Die on the pavement and do us all a favour
well said
you're an ignorant and idiot
Im sure if an explosive device was acohlol based they would quite happily use it to blow us to kingdom come.
We need to stop bowing to their culture and remmember our own.
This is Great Britain, NOT the centre of Islam, if they want things their own way, then Fuck off to a total Muslim Country.

"THIS IS GREAT BRITAIN".... respect our ways!!!!
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