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Friday, January 05, 2007


Growing army of soldiers' wives go to war over their squalid homes!

Read this As more stories of the appalling conditions our servicemen and their families come out it appears that the situation is worse than anyone thought!-The government must make it a priority to address these issues and give our servicemen the decent accommodation they so rightly deserve!

Read also-MOD responds to media coverage of 'poor' Service Personnel accomodation

Also-Backlash grows over troops' squalid living conditions

If you go to Colchester you will find brand new 4 bed houses built for the officers whilst the enlisted filth live in little beirut built in the 60's.
These are not the worst houses in the Army but then again I would never buy one of these disgusting decrepid rat pits. We make it home as we have no choice but when you have an original 1960's kitchen with one plug socket then you begin to wonder what is going on. All the houses on the fringes have been sold off or the land sold for brand new civvy houses. very nice but surely new houses should be built for the defenders of the country as well as for the tossers in the housing association who do nothing for the good and benefit of our country.
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