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Friday, June 27, 2008


Veterans Day events 27 June 2008

Read this An excellent way to show your support of our veterans for their service to this country!

Find out what's happening in your area at Veterans Day

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Two paratroopers killed in Afghanistan are named

Read this

It is the soldier, not the reporter,
Who preserves the freedom of the press,
And it is the soldier, not the poet,
Who protects our freedom of speech,
It is the soldier, not the campus organiser,
Who puts his life on the line,
To give others the freedom to demonstrate,
And it is the soldier,
Who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who protects the protesters right
To burn the flag.

Freedom is NEVER free!


Out goes corned beef, in comes pasta salad as new-style army rations combat 'menu fatigue'!

Read this I still like the old "Cheese Possessed" and "Baby's heads"(Steak and kidney pudding)and who could forget the sausages from the old ten man Rat packs,yum!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


87-year-old Gurkha who won the VC told by hospital he has no right to free care!

Read this An utter disgrace!-Tul Bahadur Pun has EARNED the RIGHT to free medical treatment winning the highest bravery decoration Britain can award fighting for our country!


'Britain's stretched army cannot continue to fight on two fronts', army chief admits as Afghanistan death toll hits 108!

Read this When will the government listen to our military chiefs?


Soldier from 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment killed in Afghanistan on 24 June

Read this It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of a British soldier from 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan yesterday, Tuesday 24 June 2008

Scipio says: This is getting out of hand,eleven British soldiers killed in Afghanistan in two weeks are unacceptable losses for our small professional army to sustain over the coming months!Gormless Brownose needs to seriously reconsider our military options in Afghanistan AND Iraq before Britain once again gets bogged in a long drawn out,pointless war,paid for with the blood of British servicemen,for the sake of American interests in the vast oil and gas reserves in both war zones,reserves I might add,that Britain won't even get a sniff of!

Read also-British soldier killed while trying to clear mine in Afghanistan

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


British soldier from 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment killed in Afghanistan

Read this A bad month for 2 Para!-How many more of our soldiers must be sacrificed in the "Forlorn Hope" that Afghanistan has become before Gormless Brownose pulls our troops out?


Lest we forget: the scars of war

Read this Thought provoking and just the tip of a very big iceberg!


We Will Remember Them!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Speechless with fear: on reconnaissance in Taleban-controlled Helmand

Read this Two Jackal all-terrain fighting vehicles breaking down on their first mission and faulty ammunition causing stoppages with weapons in the middle of a contact is not a good day out in any one's books,that the troops on the ground managed to extract from the contact without taking casualties clearly demonstrates the professionalism and motivation of the elite Pathfinder platoon however it worries me that our boys at the front line are still not getting the equipment they need!-With five Paratroopers killed in action last week and another four British soldiers killed yesterday,three of them special Forces reservists and a female intelligence operative,blown up in the notorious "Snatch" land rover,which I can't believe we are still using as it is useless,makes me wonder how long our Armed Forces can take casualties of this number before the strain on resources and personnel gets too much and our military is damaged beyond repair.The government will not release the figures for soldiers wounded on the front line,I wonder why that is?Perhaps if the Truth was known about the REAL cost our fighting forces are paying with their blood in Iraq and Afghanistan then public opinion would force Gormless Brownose and his Politburo to reconsider our commitment in both those hell holes and pull our troops out once and for all!

Read also-Deaths of up to 60 British servicemen linked to poor equipment


Four British soldiers killed in Afghanistan on 17 June!

Read this More blood on Browne's hands!

Read also-First British Sevice woman killed in Afghanistan

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


British soldier survives bullet through brain!

Read this Sergeant Alistair McKinney of the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment,a true hero!


Gurkhas honoured by Canada!

Read this Well done the Gurkhas!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Enduring Embrace

Read this Humbling to read


Troops pay tribute to soldiers killed in ambushes!

Read this

I was that which others did not want to be.
I went where others feared to go.
And did what others failed to do.
I asked nothing from those who gave nothing.
And reluctantly accepted the though of eternal loneliness should I fail.
I have seen the face of terror,
felt the stinging cold of fear.
And enjoyed the sweet taste of a moment's love.
I have cried, pained and hoped;
But most of all I have lived times others would say were best forgotten.
At least someday I will be able to say I was proud of what I was..
A soldier.


Brown pledges more troops for Afghanistan after final summit with Bush at Downing Street!

Read this How many is "More troops" and for how long will they be there?


Happy Anniversary 23C!

Four years ago today,where did all the time go?

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