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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Basra City South BattleGroup


Wounded troops in dark on MoD claims!

Read this Disgracefull,but not a surprise!-The MoD seem to make it as hard as possible to claim any money at all from them!


British Serviceman from 51 Squadron RAF Regiment killed in Afghanistan!

Read this
"It is with deep regret that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of a Gunner from 51 Squadron, RAF Regiment along with a civilian interpreter in Kandahar Province, southern Afghanistan today (local time), Thursday 30 August 2007. Two other Servicemen received minor injuries"

When you send the boys into battle,
Send them if you must.
But before you make them go there,
Make sure the reasons are just.

If you think there are reasons for going,
And the reasons are worth all the strife,
If you think you can pay for the losses,
Think – it’s not you who will pay with your life.

Think of the wives who become widows.
Think of the Mums who loose sons.
Think of the fatherless children,
Who are left to be raised by their mums.

It’s not you who will sit in you kitchen,
Feeling the loss on your own.
Struggling to think of an answer to,
“Mum, when is Dad coming home”.

It’s not you who will say to your princess,
After the planes taxis in,
‘Your daddy won’t walk off to meet you,
He’s lying inside a coffin’.

Think when you have your state dinner,
Talking of war, sipping wine.
Neither you nor the other state leaders,
Are sat in the firing line.

If the cause is a just one we’ll back you.
With great pride for our country we’ll fight.
But make sure you know what you’re doing,
And think ‘Is it right? Is it right?’
Sam Steele

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


2 Royal Anglians in Iraq


Mortar attack in Basra!


Indestructible! The speed camera that will defy bombs and bulldozers!

Read this Indestructible?-Now there's a challenge!


Tarred, feathered and tied to a lamppost: Justice for a drug dealer on the streets of Ulster!

Read this Excellent news!!!-This Scumbag won't be selling drugs again!-We could do with bringing this sort of punishment back to Britain,it's better than the slap on the wrist and community service that the Scumbags get now!-Better still,BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY and STRING THE BASTARDS UP!-So drug dealers,rapists,paedophiles,murderers and terrorists can get the REAL punishment they deserve!!!


We are not a decent society if brave men like Ben need to beg for handouts!

Read this Well said Max Hastings!

Chorus of outrage at insulting payout to paratrooper who lost both legs in Afghanistan

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Gormless Brownose's foreign Policy!


Stress, alcoholism plague British veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan!

Read this Let's hope the government finally wakes up and admits there's a problem and stops denying it now there's irrefutable proof!

Hat tip-Rogue Gunner


The teenagers heading for the front line in Afghanistan!

Read this Keep low,move fast,be alert,stay alive!-God speed and good luck lads!


Iraq-Everybody dance now!

Thanks to 4 Regt AAC 669 CSS


Troop inquests five times longer than civilians' !

Read this A disgraceful practice that needs to be put right for the sake of the relatives of our war dead!


Call for second Iraq medal clasp!

Read this An excellent idea!


Soldier compensation 'an insult'!

Read this This pathetic pittance that the MoD have the audacity to offer to a SERIOUSLY WOUNDED HERO is an insult to his sacrifice!
"Lance Bombardier Parkinson lost both his legs as well as suffering a brain injury, fractures to his skull, cheekbone, nose, jaw and pelvis, fractured vertebrae, as well as serious damage to his spleen and chest" he is also "Reportedly one of the most seriously injured soldiers ever to survive!"
To try and fob him off with a mere hundred and fifty thousand pounds is below contempt.If this is an example of the respect and gratitude of a "Grateful Nation" then they can shove it where the sun doesn't shine!

Read also:

Worst injured soldier ever to survive is awarded less than RAF typist with a sore thumb

Injured soldier's mother asks: "What price is my son's broken life?"


Army chief predicts a 'generation of conflict'!

Read this A "Generation of Conflict" is he STARK RAVING MAD?-General Dannatt seems to have changed his tune somewhat which makes me think he's been Nobbled by Whitehall!-He was the sole voice of reason within the politicaly correct minefield of "Yes" men who currently infest the MoD however he seems to have suffered a "Sea change" and is now singing from the LIEbour songbook!It would suit Gormless Brownose and his nest of vipers in Parliament to keep our troops fighting and away from the "Home front" for as long as possible,so they can give away our freedom and democracy and impose on us the unwanted DICTATORSHIP of the European Union through stealth and deception before anyone realises what's going on!-If our armed forces attention wasn't focused elsewhere,fighting two bloody wars,I think THEY might have something to say about becoming citizens of the European superstate without first asking their permission or even being consulted!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Op Telic 9

Thanks to 4 Regt.Army Air Corps.669 Css


The solution for Afghanistan!


Soldiers protest over lack of dedicated military hospitals!

Read this This needs to be sorted!


War Games To Heal Veterans' Mental Wounds!

Read this Let's hope the MoD cough up the readies to fund this much needed programme!


Afghanistan poppy harvest jumps 18 per cent!

Read this Not a surprise considering that our troops are too busy fighting off human waves of the Taliban to try to stop the opium trade as well!


Blood on a budget: our soldiers betrayed!

Read this The way Gormless Brownose and his New LIEbour Politburo have BETRAYED our armed forces through underfunding is a disgrace!-We are currently fighting TWO WARS and they can't even be bothered to give our troops the kit they need!-How many Cabinet ministers sons or daughters are fighting on the front line?-I don't know of any,if there were do you think our military would still be screaming out for equipment and resources?

Read also:

British Armed Forces staff shortage crisis

Pay soldiers more and equip them properly

How can we encourage more recruits to join the Armed Forces?

Armed forces families housed in B&Bs

Sunday, August 26, 2007


The British father and son fighting the Taliban - together!

Read this Good luck fellers!


Gordon Brown attacked over Forces funding!

Read this Why is anyone surprised at Gormless Brownose's indifference to our armed forces?-His ENTIRE cabinet and himself were tree hugging,left wing,CND COMMUNISTS before being elected,they LOATHE our military and ALL it stands for!-As I've said before the words Duty,Honour,Patriotism and Loyalty mean nothing to them!-They're a completely foreign concept to the Politburo who currently infest Parliament!-The more British Soldiers who die now means less to stand up and FIGHT this corrupt government when the time finally comes and the people of Britain take our country back!


Corporal Braveheart and the battle for Afghanistan!

Read this Humbling to read!


And you wonder why they hate us so much


Our boys deserve better than this: Families demand a dedicated military hospital!

Read this Not wrong!-This is a NATIONAL disgrace and needs to be sorted out NOW!


Private McClure, Private Foster and Private Thrumble killed in Afghanistan!

Read this

You, with your neat picket fence and freshly mown lawn.
Where only the occasional daisy pokes through.
Sedately content you survey your domain.
While I, ignored by the passing thrall, I sit on this dusty plain
My withered limbs say it all, too sick to move I await Kismet.
As far as the eye can see, caught in the dying sun’s rays
The glint and glitter of the death that surrounds me
Thousands of miles away you decide my fate.
‘Tis not gold that’s a lying, but the brass casing’s
Left in pitiful piles from the lead that’s been flying
Too scared to close my eyes should I not wake.
The sky fills with death while the ground trembles
No trace they’ll find of my insignificant bones
Ramadan’s done, ‘Tis the time of Christ.
All this while you reach for your morning coffee.
As I lay dying on the road to Kandahar
James Love

Saturday, August 25, 2007


'They fire first and think later,' say British soldiers!

Read this Mistakes happen in war,that's a basic fact!-Servicemen are human,the equipment they are using is lethal and sometimes in the "Fog of war",where seconds can mean the difference between life and death,the wrong decision is made and people die.That said however a very disturbing pattern is emerging whenever the US provide close air support to our troops.-THEY KEEP KILLING THEM!!!-Once is a mistake,twice is a fluke but DOZENS of times is GROSS INCOMPETENCE!-The United States Air force is CLEARLY doing something wrong,whether it is in their training,rules of engagement or equipment SOMETHING isn't right because the TRIGGER HAPPY IMBECILES KEEP BOMBING BRITISH SOLDIERS!-They even shot down one of our jet fighters,mistaking it for a missile!-How the Buggery Bollocks does that happen?-Having experienced first hand the US army in Iraq and their lack of fire discipline I can say that the problem goes a little bit deeper than just a few random mistakes.The plain truth is the US military work under a completely different rulebook and doctrine than their British counterparts.If our armed forces had enough resources of their own it wouldn't be a problem,whenever they needed air support,our troops could just call in the RAF,secure in the knowledge that they actually hit what they were aiming at and correctly identify the target,however because of DECADES of underfunding,not just by the present government but the Tories as well,our armed forces are stretched to breaking point,with not enough troops,equipment or aircraft and are having to rely on the Americans more and more.The US policy seems to be to blow the Buggery out of any potential threat with OUTRAGEOUSLY overwhelming firepower and if by chance they hit the wrong target well tough Titty we're at war and sacrifices have to be made!-Well call me old fashioned and "Mr Picky" but there's a slight flaw in that plan-IT'S BOLLOCKS!!!
Unless SIGNIFICANT changes are made in the US military's rules of engagement,our own forces are going to lose what little confidence they have left in them and won't even bother calling for their help,which will put our troops lives at risk even more!(Or maybe NOT!)

Read this-Friendly fire - a reality, not just a euphemism

Also-US friendly fire: a long history

And-Friendly fire death was 'entirely avoidable', coroner rule


British garrison gets ready for retreat from Basra Palace!

Read this They keep saying it's going to happen,let's hope it's soon for the sake of 4 Rifles!


Dunkirk war veteran killed by superbug in 'dirty' NHS hospital!

Read this Killed by New Liebours incompetence and indifference to the NHS by years of mismanagement and underfunding!-I bet Gormless Brownose and all his Politburo go private whenever they're ill!-THIS HAS TO END!-Too many people's lives are being cut short by this disgraceful and PREVENTABLE disease!-Britain is supposedly NOT a third world country but anyone who has visited an NHS hospital recently could mistakenly believe it is by the appalling hygiene and lack of basic sanitation!-There is NO excuse for it except GROSS INCOMPETANCE,touch wood I don't get ill in the near future cos they'll be dragging me kicking and screaming into any of their DEATH HOSPITALS!!!


2010 - Its coming, your freedom is going!

Read this This is SCARY!
PJC knows his stuff!

Friday, August 24, 2007


US jet kills three British soldiers in 'friendly fire' blunder in Afghanistan!

Read this The Yanks have done it again!-Don't they know the meaning of the phrase "Identify your target?"-Obviously NOT because more British Soldiers have been killed by American incompetence!-The most feared phrase in the British army is now "The Americans are providing close air support!"


Is this the way to Armadillo?


British troops on verge of long-awaited pullout from Basra!

Read this About time too!


UK troop numbers fall in Armed Forces crisis!

Read this Why is anyone surprised at this considering the appalling way our armed forces have been treated by the LIEbour government for the last ten years?-I wonder why we've got ANY troops left at all!
After YEARS of mismanagement,cutbacks and penny pinching our armed forces have been reduced to a mere shadow of their former glory.Hundreds of years of tradition and history have been destroyed as regiment after regiment was axed by the MoD.What Hitler failed to achieve in world War two,the destruction of the British Army,Royal Navy and Royal Air Force,New LIEbour has achieved at the stroke of a bureaucratic pen!
The callous BETRAYAL of our armed forces by our joke of a government reeks of incompetence,indifference and contempt!-New LIEbour have NEVER supported our soldiers,sailors and airmen,because they stand for everything this government hate-Patriotism,Duty,Loyalty,Honour and Self Sacrifice!-Words that are completely ALIEN to Gormless Brownose's cabinet!

Read also-Troops argue Iraq is unwinnable

Thursday, August 23, 2007


196,000 out, 574,000 in: Record numbers leaving Britain for new life abroad - as immigration to UK soars!

Read this Well what do you expect since the TRAITOR Toadie Blair and his New Liebour "Politburo" government threw Britain's doors open with the inanely irresponsible and GROSSLY incompetent "Open door" policy,bending to directives from the EU DICTATORSHIP,allowing the SCUM of the world to invade our shores and bleed this country dry of all our resources,destroying our national identity,corrupting our traditions and religion and changing the face of Britain beyond ALL recognition!-All WITHOUT our permission or a referendum and any and ALL opposition dismissed immediately on the grounds of "Racism" and "Political Correctness"!!-Our own laws are even against us now,all thanks to the ridiculous "European court of human rights" which as far as I can see has taken away our rights as BRITISH CITIZENS and given them all to foreigners,criminals,rapists and murderers and Illegal immigrants!No wonder any ENGLISHMAN with more than half a brain who can afford it is fleeing this country as quick as they can,I would too if I had the readies!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


British Army having a giggle!


Caption Competition!


Taliban tapping British troops' mobiles to taunt soldiers' families!

Read this Coward Tosser Scumbags!-And they "Claim" to be religious!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Our war-weary Iraq troops could soon be fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan!

Read this No Shit Sherlock!-And NOT a surprise that the "Surrender monkeys" of the German,French and Italian governments have once again shown their true colours and lack of backbone by refusing to honour their commitment to Nato by supplying more troops for the front line!
Are we prepared to stay in Afghanistan for another 30 years,taking heavy casualties and bleeding our military's resources dry,sacrificing our service personnel in great big Bloody batches for a pointless "Forlorn Hope"?-Like Buggery are we!!
This so called "War on terror" is a self feeding inferno!-The more resources we put into it the bigger it gets,every innocent death in both Iraq and Afghanistan just adds fuel to the fire of Islamic fundamentalism and sends more would be "Jihadists" to the terrorist recruiting office!
Anyone with half a brain would have to admit that the justification for the Invasion of Iraq was illegal and an enormous mistake,not to mention a blatant LIE,the consequences of which we will be experiencing for years to come!-Obviously it had nothing to do with the fact that Iraq has the SECOND LARGEST oil reserves in the WORLD and that since the war ended the US has been given 75% of ALL profits from Iraqi oil for the next TEN years!
And the reasons given for the invasion of Afghanistan;to capture Osama bin Laden, destroy al-Qaeda, and remove the Taliban regime which had allegedly provided support and safe harbour to al-Qaeda,were shaky at best and of course NOTHING to do with the VAST oil and gas reserves in Turkmenistan,which the United States had for years had its greedy eye on and been negotiating with the Taliban to allow a pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan and into the Arabian sea and it was only AFTER these negotiations broke down that the Taliban became public enemy number one!
Our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is THE DIRECT cause for the increase in Islamic terrorism in the UK.Before these invasions we'd NEVER had an Islamic terrorist problem in Britain,we'd endured the IRA's bombing campaign for years but the possibility of Islamic suicide bombers threatening our country was remote in the extreme,why should they,we'd done nothing to them?
Well George Bush and his spineless traitor lapdog Toadie Blaire changed all that overnight with the disastrous decisions to attack these countries!-In the case of Iraq it's a complete failure,civil war will reign for years to come,the whole Middle East has been destabilised and Iran has been propelled into the position of the new Arab superpower!-Whatever you thought about Sadaam at least he kept the Iranians in check and the status quo in the Middle East,now that's gone to Bollocks!-We WERE BETTER OFF with Sadaam in power!
As for Afghanistan the Taliban have NOT been defeated and in fact are growing bigger each day,Al-Qaeda are still operating in the country and STILL have training camps there,Osama Bin Laden is STILL at large,hardly ANY Reconstruction projects have begun let alone been completed,the opium trade in Poppys has INCREASED almost 50% and our troops are fighting battles with an intensity not seen since World war 2 with NO end in sight-NOT exactly a success story!!!
Iraq is a lost cause,Gormless Brownose knows it but hasn't got the guts to admit it just yet.He'll happily let more of our servicemen die in vain before we eventually and inevitably withdraw.George Bush CANNOT admit it,because it would mean all their HUGE casualties died for nothing and he was wrong!
Afghanistan is a mess,the commanders on the ground say it's STILL winnable,only just,but only if HUGE resources are committed and we stay for possibly the next THIRTY YEARS!-Thirty years,BILLIONS of pounds wasted and how many more British soldiers dead at the end of it and WHAT gain is there for Britain-Sweet Bugger all!!
This is NOT a commitment Britain should make!-We were NEVER asked to go to war in the first place,Toadie Blaire made that appalling,irresponsible decision off his own back after being told to by his master George Bush,the Problems in Afghanistan are NOT our concern and NEVER were!Our servicemen have been BETRAYED by our WEAK and SPINELESS Government,First by Toadie Blaire and now by Gormless Brownose,and are being forced to fight a pointless war for another country's interests-The USA!
This situation cannot go on and we must pull out of BOTH Iraq and Afghanistan NOW before any more of our armed forces die for the financial and imperial ambitions of a foreign government!


One in six Eastern European migrants in UK receives benefits!

Read this

"The bill for the handouts, for which the migrants are all LEGALLY ENTITLED, is an estimated £125m!"

"It means that, in only three months, more than 63,000 migrants from the former Eastern Bloc - or 700 EVERY DAY - have turned up!"

"The number of migrants arriving into the country from the new member states has increased by almost 60,000 in the latest quarter alone and now the total is close to 700,000!"

"Once a migrant has been working here for 12 months, they are entitled to the same level of support as any British citizen!"

"Some 68,927 are raking in child benefit (worth £17.45 for the first child and £11.70 for each further youngster), 38,578 are receiving Tax Credits (worth up to £5,200 a year) and 803 are getting homelessness support, including housing!"

"Taxpayers don't want new migrants arriving here and being able to depend on benefits instead of working!"

"The real message from these figures is that the mass inflow of immigrants from East European countries continues at over 500 A DAY!"

"This is placing a huge strain on our infrastructure. For example, ONE MILLION of Gordon Brown's new houses will be needed just for new immigrants!"

Scipio says:Throw the freeloading blood sucking leeches out of the country!!!-This is ALL thanks to Toadie Blaire's "Open door" policy and New LIEbour's FAILURE to control our borders!


Free parcel post for frontline soldiers!

Read this A victory for common sense and decency-Well done the Royal Mail!!!


War widows face four-year wait for inquests!

Read this Disgraceful!-This should be sorted asap,typical of the mismanagement and incompetence at the MoD!!

Read also-It is unfair to make people wait so long


Death march memorial unveiled at Kundasang!

Read this It would be nice if there was a memorial like this in Britain for all our pows who died,it looks like the people of Malaysia honour them more than our own government!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Caption competition!


Afghan envoys get a pool as our troops go thirsty!

Read this Bloody typical of the Government's attitude to our armed forces!-This rings of the old dictum "Let them eat cake!" and we know what happened to that particular dictatorship!!-Our soldiers are desperately short of water on the front line and some government lackey in the foreign office has authorized this latest lunacy!-It's NOT good enough,what must our soldiers,who are going thirsty as we speak,must be thinking about this travesty?-Heads should roll for this and a few spring to mind immediately!-We can start with the Foreign secretary and then work our way through the Politburo and end with Gormless Brownose himself!-I'd happily provide the Guillotine and suggest as a backing track "Another one bites the dust"!


British forces useless in Basra, say US officials!

Read this Gobby Yank Wankers!-The British Army ARE the best soldiers in the world and that's a fact!-I've seen what the US Army is like first hand IN IRAQ and during my years of service in the British Army and I wasn't impressed at all!-If anything they could benefit by watching how we do it and then they might actually learn something about soldiering!-Ask any British soldier whose driven up behind a US convoy out there how confident they felt in the American "Topcover" NOT opening fire at them,even though we were in British uniform and British Army vehicles,the answer is not very confident at all as the tossers are renowned for shooting first and asking questions later!!!-They put a whole new meaning into the phrase "Trigger happy"!-You can just imagine "Billy Bob" from a National Guard unit in the deep south,whose parents are also brother and sister and had never been out of his state let alone the USA before and thought the "London Underground" was a resistance movement suddenly finding himself in "Arak" behind a 50 cal and a strange land rover that's not a Humvee homes into view,driven by people who are not wearing the uniform of the good 'ol US of A,well they obviously must be terrorists then so he'll just blow them away for the President!-It happens ALL the time!!And anyone whose been to "Camp Doha" in Kuwait will tell you about the paranoid US Army gate guard who would routinely search British Army vehicles entering the camp even though we were in full uniform with proper ID,blatantly WHITE and BRITISH and armed to the teeth,talk about idiotic!!!-Don't even ask about US contact drills they need to be seen to be believed,just open fire at EVERYTHING in a 360 degree arc and if you accidentally hit an innocent well Shit,they were probably thinking about turning militant soon enough anyway!-Then there's the subtle and ACCURATE US air force!-Talk about using a sledgehammer to kill an ant!-Because of their incompetence and stupidity bombing anything that moves,killing THOUSANDS of innocent civilians in both Iraq and Afghanistan they've done more to recruit new terrorists than Islama Bin laden could have ever dreamed!-Have these imbeciles never heard of IDENTIFYING YOUR TARGET BEFORE SHOOTING?-"Fire discipline" and "Rules of engagement" seem to be unheard of phrases within the US military,they should try it sometime instead of killing anything that moves!-A blatant example of this was the "Free fire zones" in Fallujah,where anyone seen in that area could IMMEDIATELY be fired upon!-What sort of inane and irresponsible rule was that?-No wonder the Iraqi people are fighting back so hard,I would too if some trigger happy "Hill Billy" had just blown away my mum and dad!-For a US General to have the bare faced gall to say that "There will be a stink about this that will hang around the British military," and "This thing is still winnable. They don't intend to cut and run" is BEYOND BELIEF!!-He also said "I'm not sure they did as good a job as they did traditionally. This isn't Northern Ireland. They thought they had a pretty good model but Iraq is a different culture"-NOT NORTHERN IRELAND!-What the Buggery Bollocks does HE know about Northern Ireland,it's ironic considering that the IRA got MILLIONS of Dollars in support from naive "Irish American" idiots over the years,whose irresponsible behaviour contributed to THOUSANDS of innocent people being murdered! and finally to say that "Basra has gone far towards revising the common American image of British soldiers as perhaps the world's best at counter-insurgency" is beyond a joke!-The reason Iraq and closer to home Basra is now officially a total Clusterfuck is because George Bush and Toadie Blaire took us into an ILLEGAL war with NO plan for peacekeeping and reconstruction,AGAINST the advice of their military advisers and,in the case of the USA,have exasperated the problem by heavy handling,using the wrong tactics and killing too many innocent civilians and in the case of our own government,NOT sending enough troops in the first place,NOT providing them with adequate equipment and resources and a complete failure to have a viable exit strategy now the time has come!-If the Yanks are going to throw the first stone then they'd better look in their own house first before they start blaming other people for their own inadequacies!


Sniper beats gag with siege story!

Read this Can't wait to read it!!!

Order a copy here


Shock toll of British injured in Afghan war!

Read this

This says it all:

"700 wounded include a 'handful' of officers who suffered injuries and chose to carry on fighting!"

"400 combat troops were described as being so ill they were forced to 'lay down their bayonets'!"

"27 British soldiers had lost limbs serving in Afghanistan and Iraq during the past 12 months!"

"Military sources said the willingness of soldiers to carry on fighting while suffering was indicative of the bravery being ROUTINELY DISPLAYED!"

"The courage of the soldiers has been remarkable. Many are getting patched up and just want to get on with it. Most do not want to leave their comrades!"

"In terms of soldiering, the conflict has offered some of the most intense fighting for 50 years, with two million rounds of ammunition SO FAR fired by British forces!"

"British troops are paying a higher price on the battlefield than has been made public!"

Read also-'It's bleak and ferocious, but is it still winnable?


A land unfit for heroes: the betrayal of Britain's troops!

Read this

"More soldiers' blood has been spilt in Iraq and Afghanistan than any time since the Second World War. Seven soldiers have been killed in Helmand province in the past 10 days!"

"Soldiers are not equipped well enough or paid properly, or housed adequately, or looked after sufficiently well if they are maimed or unhinged by their experiences!"

"Can you imagine what it must be like for a hideously injured soldier to regain consciousness in Selly Oak hospital only to be abused by a Muslim member of the non-military hospital staff?"

"Or to know that our own elected MPs condone attacks on British soldiers in Iraq? George Galloway has praised the insurgents and condemned, perhaps to death, interpreters as "collaborators!"

"Morale is ultimately bred of conviction in what is being done and confidence in those with whom and for whom it is being done!"

"So what should our troops make of politicians extravagantly airing their consciences about the effect of the war on Muslim relations in Britain without mentioning its devastating damage to our own injured soldiers?"

"Soldiers returning from fighting the Taliban with bayonet rifles in northern Helmand province are greeted by embarrassed silence!"

"The bureaucratic response to their cry for recognition is that since they have been PEACEKEEPING there can be NO MEDALS FOR EXCEPTIONAL BRAVERY!"

"Now, they fight for each other. A young Irish Guards officer badly injured by a roadside bomb in Basra the other week was flown back to Selly Oak. All he spoke of was returning to Iraq to be with his men!"

"Soldiers fight for their regiments and die for each other. They need to die for something and we are ambivalent about their wider sacrifice!"

"Seven British soldiers die in 10 days and we say: "Not much news in August!"

Scipio says: A good article telling the REAL truth about what our servicemen are having to put up with,cynically betrayed by an UNCARING,IGNORANT,UNWORTHY Government!


Military commanders tell Brown to withdraw from Iraq without delay!

Read this When is Gormless Brownose going to start LISTENING to his military commanders and pull our troops out of Iraq?-He said when THEY told him it was time to go we would leave,well IT'S TIME TO GO!!!-He needs to stop dithering and delaying and MAKE A DECISION!-We've done all we can,our troops are under constant attack and their lives are being put at risk for nothing so time to cut our losses and get the Fuck out of Dodge!!!

Read also-The generals have spoken,Mr Brown

Also-Retreat & redeploy: The case for withdrawing from Iraq and taking the fight to the Taliban

Also-Army chiefs fear Iraq exit will be Britain’s Saigon moment

Saturday, August 18, 2007


General Patton solves the problems of the Middle East!


British Paras and Royal Marines house to house fighting in Sangin province Afghanistan!

Fucking Hell!


Cougar Armored Trucks to Stalk Mines on the Battlefield!

Read this I want one!-Good for driving through London on a Saturday night!!!

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