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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Troops to withdraw from Ulster after 38 years!

Read this Having served two tours myself in Northern Ireland this news is indeed very close to home for me!-763 British soldiers were murdered and THOUSANDS wounded during the 38 years of "The troubles"(200 soldiers coming from the Ulster Defense Regiment were murdered and THOUSANDS wounded alone!).303 RUC officers were murdered,over 9000 wounded,Hundreds of innocent civilians were murdered and wounded.It was a dirty,hard fought war with no quarter given by the IRA cowards to any British squaddie who was unlucky enough to be captured alive.-The gruesome murders of Corporals David Howes and Derek Wood of the Royal corps of Signals,who accidentally drove into an IRA funeral in 1988 clearly demonstrated the IRAs true face.The fiction created by the media on the silver screen and in various novels depicting the IRA as romantic rebels with a twisted sense of honour,fighting the "Evil British oppressors" was nothing more than that-Total fiction,aimed at the gullible American market who were naive enough to believe the "Illusion" and sent money over the water to help "The Boyos" in their struggle!-(That inane,irresponsible practise ended shortly after 9/11,when the USA finally woke up to the reality of terrorism!).The true fact of what the IRA,and its splinter movements,were really capable of was learnt very quickly by anyone who served or lived there.They were gutless cowards,murderers and bully's who had no compassion or decency and showed little remorse or mercy in their actions.Their "Rally cry" for a "United Ireland" was a nothing but an excuse and a feeble attempt to somehow legitimise their illegal acts of violence and robbery.The plain truth of the matter was Northern Ireland IS a democracy and the majority of the population did not want a united Ireland.This was clearly demonstrated more recently with the formation of the Northern Ireland Assembly.
It's a good thing that the killing is finally over and that something positive seems to be happening over there.Let's hope that the wounds will begin to heal and the hatred and suspicion fade away for ever so that the huge sacrifices made in their name by the security forces would be justified.
As the last armoured land rover is shipped home and the baton guns are locked away in the armouries for good I feel a sense of pride that perhaps my own 17 months of duty in Northern Ireland may have been worth it after all.My memories are the same as every other squaddie who served there-Rain,Countless hours of mind numbing boring sangar duty,endless border patrols in the pouring rain up to my waste in mud,VCPs,car-trawls,cordons,rummages in the middle of nowhere,being stoned by brats in the "Bally Coleman estate" in Strabane,Ripping my combats and cutting my legs on every Bastard barbed wire fence in the province!-Rain,"lairy" low level flights doing "Eagle VCPs",puking my ring in the back of a CPV transit van doing a ration run to a PVCP,Rain,the "windthrop" theory,the four "Cs",hating carrying the "Antler" ecm and hating even more the Bastard who designed it!Waiting hours in the rain for a chopper that would never come and then having to tab miles back to camp,soft target protection,egg banjos,choggie runs,Rain,chilling out in the "Cop Shop",sending "illegal" messages on the "Vengefull" to other PVCPs and then denying it to the Coy 2ic!The "plastic" Pub,Iniba vests,sweat rash,blisters and finally did I mention rain?

Read also-The lessons Northern Ireland holds for Iraq


Lance Corporal Michael Jones Royal Marines killed in Afghanistan

Read this

It is the soldier, not the reporter,
Who preserves the freedom of the press,
And it is the soldier, not the poet,
Who protects our freedom of speech,
It is the soldier, not the campus organiser,
Who puts his life on the line,
To give others the freedom to demonstrate,
And it is the soldier,
Who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who protects the protesters right
To burn the flag.

Freedom is NEVER free!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Dramatic film of British soldiers shows how troops in Afghanistan are told to leave heroin plants alone!

Read this Can anyone explain to me what we are REALLY trying to accomplish in Afghanistan apart from throwing our serviceman's lives away so that the US can get an oil and gas pipeline from Turkmenistan,through Afghanistan to Pakistan?


Sergeant Barry Keen of 14 Signal Regiment killed in Afghanistan!

Read this

I stand here in the uniform they gave me when I joined
I was the one who run to sign the papers and serve my country
Now I am in a far off land that I cannot pronounce the name of
And I wonder,is it my war?Is it my fight? Should I really be here?
Then I remember why I ran so fast,I wanted to make my mother proud
I wanted to stand up for her rights,I wanted to be the hero of the hour
And add my name to others who did so before me
And I am at peace,I am where I should be,Doing what I am supposed to do
Wearing the clothes that are my second skin now
And I am proud to be the person I was trained to be
I will not hide away when faced by those who do not believe as I
But I will stand and look them in the eye and let them know
When they were sat in the comfort of their home
That I was there,And made a difference

Anne-Marie Spittle

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Collective Identity: Hatred Bred in the Bone

Read this Interesting article adding support to the argument that we need to target the spread of fundamentalism within Britain's mosques and it needs to be done now before more naive dullards are brainwashed into blowing themselves up for Allah!-The British Muslim community needs to do a lot more in stopping these "Preachers of hate" within their ranks and reporting any suspicious activity to the police.For too long these lunatics have been allowed to flourish within Britain unchecked,they need to be stopped now-Deport the scumbags or lock them up,that's the only way to stop these evil cowards before it's too late!


Afghan refugees on £200 a day - to pose as Taliban!

Read this £200 a day?-I'll grow a beard and wear a "Man dress" for £150 a day and save the MoD some dosh!-Talk about splashing the cash when our own guys are working 24 hours a day for a pittance,talk about adding insult to injury!


British death rate in Iraq higher than US!

Read this Finally it's official-We're accomplishing sweet bugger all in Iraq and our servicemen are still laying down their lives for a lost cause and now at an even higher rate than ever before!!-If Gormless Gordon was any sort of a man he would admit defeat and pull our troops out of Iraq asap before any more are killed or maimed for a "Forlorn hope".Unfortunately our new "Unelected" Prime Minister is showing the same lack of moral fibre that Toadie Blaire demonstrated on a regular basis by his complete indifference to our troops safety by keeping them in the firing line of Iraq for political and not military reasons.Militarily our presence in Iraq is accomplishing absolutely nothing.We have withdrawn from practically all our bases and the main bulk of our troops are now just bullet and bomb "Magnets" at Basrah International airport.They are under attack constantly and are making absolutely no difference at all in the great scheme of things to the deteriorating situation in Iraq.Time to call it quits now and leave before any more British lives are sacrificed on the altar of Tony blaire's and Gordon browne's ego!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Iran gives ground over nuclear inspections!

Read this Good news at last,let's hope these nutters finally start to wind their necks in before Israel and the US have to give them a "slap!"


Eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police (but they don't dare sack them)!

Read this Has the world gone mad?-The solutions simple-Sack the tosspots,lock them up in the deepest darkest dungeon and throw away the key!-In fact better still,if they're foreign-Deport the bastards,if they're "British"-Try them for TREASON and then HANG THE TRAITOR SCUM!!!-How difficult is that?


Jailed terrorist fanatics 'should be treated as prisoners of war'!

Read this "Prisoners of war status?"-What planet is this idiot solicitor from?-These murdering coward scumbags don't deserve any "Special" treatment at all!-The only treatment they should be getting in a just world would be a long drop on a short rope!-It sickens me that our so called justice system is anything but just-If they love Allah so much then let's send them to him-BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY AND STRING THESE BASTARDS UP!!!


Military inquests to get more funds as Iraq death toll rises!

Read thisAbout time too!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


British soldier killed in Afghanistan!

Read this It is with much sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of a British soldier from the 1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards near Gereshk in Helmand province, Afghanistan today, Thursday 12 July 2007.

When you send the boys into battle,
Send them if you must.
But before you make them go there,
Make sure the reasons are just.

If you think there are reasons for going,
And the reasons are worth all the strife,
If you think you can pay for the losses,
Think – it’s not you who will pay with your life.

Think of the wives who become widows.
Think of the Mums who loose sons.
Think of the fatherless children,
Who are left to be raised by their mums.

It’s not you who will sit in you kitchen,
Feeling the loss on your own.
Struggling to think of an answer to,
“Mum, when is Dad coming home”.

It’s not you who will say to your princess,
After the planes taxis in,
‘Your daddy won’t walk off to meet you,
He’s lying inside a coffin’.

Think when you have your state dinner,
Talking of war, sipping wine.
Neither you nor the other state leaders,
Are sat in the firing line.

If the cause is a just one we’ll back you.
With great pride for our country we’ll fight.
But make sure you know what you’re doing,
And think ‘Is it right? Is it right?’
Sam Steele


MoD responds to MPs' report on the Reserve Forces!

Read this About time too!-The TA and the Reserve has been bled dry for years by cutback after cutback by not only the present government by by the Tories as well,not to mention the damage done to the regular army.The rot set in with the fall of the Soviet Union and Margaret Thatchers ill-conceived "Options for change" policy.Unit after unit was disbanded or merged with no thought for future operations.A large portion of our armoured units were binned,only to be desperately needed a few years later in Gulf 1!-Infantry battalions and regiments were decimated,thousands of experienced junior and senior NCOs put out to pasture,the very backbone of the army that would take years if not decades to get back!-With the British Army stretched to breaking point in Iraq and Afghanistan,and hundreds of regular soldiers PVRing on their return from operations due to not enough down time between deployments,bad pay and appalling conditions back in camp in the UK and the disgraceful married quarters scandal,the army is more and more relying on the reserve forces to fill the gaps,unfortunately the barrel is almost empty!-The situation has to change immediately before irreversible damage is done to our armed forces.The cutbacks have to stop,no more regiments should be disbanded or merged,in fact bring back some of the ones we need so desperately!-It's not as difficult as it sounds-All you need are experienced senior and junior NCOs and a few good company commanders,the MOD could offer short term reenlistment's with one time bulk payments to qualified NCOs and Riflemen to make up the numbers,transfer a few from other battalions and then go on a nation wide recruitment drive to fill the ranks and within a year we could a new infantry battalion.Do that through out the country and within a few months we could have three or four battalions up and running again!It's been done before in WW2 and it works!-I know quite a few really experienced ex-Squaddies who would jump at the chance to play again on a short term enlistment of say Two or three years.That would be enough time for the youngsters to learn experience from the old sweats.Also I feel the government should bring back national service.It would take the burden of the more mundane but essential non front line jobs off the regular army and enable the release of more experienced troops to more needy tasks.It would also teach respect and discipline to our youth,ideals that unfortunately our left wing,tree hugging education system completely fails!-National Service should also be a requirement of any potential immigrant of age to serve.If they want to live here and enjoy all the "Benefits" of our great country then let them pick up a rifle and stand on the line!-Also REAL money needs to be spent on equipment and training.It's a fact and a disgrace that we don't have enough helicopters in service and we haven't for a number of years!-Why can't the British Army be like the US Army with Every Division having its own helicopter support?-Apaches for ground support,Chinooks and Pumas for transport and logistical support and lynx's and Gazelles for reconnaissance?-It makes sense and it SHOULD be happening,the only reason it isn't is cost!-The government needs to wind its neck in and change its attitude to defense now before its too late or very soon we'll all be growing beards,wearing flip flops and attending prayers five times a day in our nearest mosque!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Hat tip- Theo Spark


Book review: Vulcan 607

Read this Brilliant book-Couldn't put it down!-I had vaguely remembered that the RAF had bombed Stanley airfield during the Falklands War using the Vulcan Bomber but I had no idea what an achievement of logistics it had taken and of the unbelievable bravery of all the pilots,bomber and tanker and of the amazing efforts of the ground crews.If there was any sort of justice in the world this true story deserves to be made into a film rivaling the "Dambusters" and "Reach for the Sky"!-YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!


Taliban Graduation - Suicide Bomb Teams Sent to US & Europe!

This is NOT good news!


Royal Air Force Typhoon roars into new role protecting the UK skies!

Read this Chocks away Ginger!


Al Qaeda 'plans new attacks on Britain', warns bin Laden's deputy!

Read this More good news!-What naive idiot decided to give Salman Rushdie a knighthood in the first place?-Talk about lighting the blue touch paper of Islamic lunacy!-Didn't it occur to anyone that it would wind up every Islamic nutter in the world that could pick up an AK and say the word Jihad?-Why did the bearded imbecile even deserve one?-I can think of a lot more deserving people,Simon Weston or Colonel Tim Collins to name but a few!-It seems to me that Knighthoods are handed out for all the wrong reasons,political correctness shouldn't enter into it,it should be service to this country,above all else that qualifies for this honour!


Terror suspect 'won't live'

Read this Good-There is a God and his name isn't Allah!-Hope the Bastard burns in Hell!


Buckingham Palace announces new security measures!


British blamed for mysterious Beast of Basra!

Read this Apparently a new squirrel has also been terrorizing the locals also,they'll probably blame it on us as well with absolutely no proof!


21/7 bombers to serve a least 40 years in jail!

Read this Coward scumbags should have been tried for Treason and strung up from the nearest lampost!-Instead the British taxpayer has to cough up the readies for the next 40 years to keep these evil maggots alive


Iranian wife faces death by stoning for adultery!

Read this And these barbaric lunatics want a nuke!-Don't think so!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Top Gear-Flying cars!

I want his job!

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