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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Op Herrick 4-3 Para Battlegroup



Out now in all good Wembley newsagents!


How the war on terror made the world a more terrifying place!

Read this

"Chillingly, we see the results here. Young teenagers are being groomed to be suicide bombers. The threat is serious, is growing and will, I believe, be with us for a generation!"

Thanks a fucking lot Tony Blair and George Bush for putting our lives at risk in this blatant cavalier way!-Next time they get any bright ideas about "Regime change" they can ram it up their arse!


Argentina in Falklands service snub!

Read this Bigoted Argie tossers!-We won,they lost,GET OVER IT!-The 25 year anniversary of the Falklands War is an excellent opportunity to heal old wounds between Britain and Argentina.It's a real blow to reconciliation that the powers that be in Buenos Aires obviously still have a problem with British sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.Well tough Titty Pedro,if you still fancy your chances-COME AND HAVE A GO IF YOU THINK YOUR HARD ENOUGH!


Latest Afghan weather!


Talks with Taleban still the best prospect!

Read this We've got to talk to these people sooner or later so why not sooner and try to come to some sort of compromise before more innocent people are killed?


Disposing of Bosnia's mines!

Read this 18,600 minefields CONFIRMED and another 20-30,000 SUSPECTED!-The cost of war reaches far into the peace!-Our Politicians should take note of that fact before dragging us into another pointless war!


British soldier from 2nd Bn.The Rifles killed in Iraq!

Read this My old battalion-It brings it home when it's one of your own!

In Basra’s war torn city, a soldier stands so tall,
Smiling at the locals, with his back against a wall,
Beneath a veil of calmness, his heart beats like a drum,
Thinking of the folks he loves, his girl back home and Mum,

The sun is burning down on him, it burns his reddened skin,
This checkpoint duty daily, wears his temper wafer thin,
Another hour of waiting, to protect this peasant mob
Then back home to the bunker for a shower and get some grub

A young girl reaches up to him, a scar upon her face,
Her Daddy won’t be coming home, this picture takes his place,
A tear runs down a dirty cheek and rags adorn her feet,
She laughs then skips to join the queue for bread and food to eat,

A cloud of dust arises, a scream runs through the stalls,
His senses into overdrive, he strains to see the cause,
He sights a dark Sedan, inside a body dressed in black,
The soldier charges forward screaming warnings to get back,

He clearly sees the face and eyes of one that’s set to die,
His forward movement halted, as he hears a muted cry,
The girl that smiled so kindly now lay injured on the ground,
He stoops to raise her fragile form, and turns himself around

The blast was heard for miles around, he felt the red hot air,
Felt molten iron down his back; his head was raised in prayer,
God help this tiny child I hold, the last thought in his mind,
His limbs were scattered far and wide, the pieces all to find

Quiet through the market now, the dust cloud fell to ground,
A mourning mass was gathered, such a grisly mess they found
The soldiers body buried deep beneath a market stall,
A muffled cry of help they heard, a tiny little call

They dug and pulled the stall out, the soldier long was dead,
But underneath his body they could see a tiny head,
They lifted out the torso, and then helped her stand alone
She could not see the carnage yet or hear the injured moan

In Basra’s war torn city, a soldier stands so tall,
Smiling at the locals, with his back against a wall,
He wonders who the plaque was for fifteen years ago
A scarred girl lays her flowers, says a prayer and turns to go
Mick Heywood

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Basra tent troops 'sitting targets' warns MP!

Read this At the end of the day Iraq is still a war zone and you can't protect against every danger however with that said,the British Army has had "Secure" accommodation available now for several years!-It's called "Corimex" which was first introduced during the Bosnian and Kosovan campaigns and consists of small,"Flat pack" air transportable portocabins with overhead protection that can also have the added protection of "Hesco" sand-filled blast walls.It doesn't offer total protection,not by a long way,but it's better than a tent I think everyone would agree!During my tour in Iraq in 2004 about a third of the accommodation at Basrah Air Base was corimex and the rest tented.The equipment exists so there's no excuse except that of cost,and there lies the problem as far as the treasury are concerned!-The MoD has tried to fight the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan "On the cheap" and that dog no longer hunts!-The safety of our servicemen should be paramount and no money should be spared when providing protective equipment from body armour,armoured vehicles to secure accommodation!-This present government has an appalling record with regard to providing adequate equipment to our troops.That must change immediately before our armed forces loses all confidence with the powers that be!


New troops given extra firepower in Afghanistan!

Read this At last our troops are starting to get the kit they need to get the job done!-Why couldn't they have got it in the first place?


New communication system for the British Army!

Monday, February 26, 2007


Marines pour scorn on Army commandos By Thomas Harding,Daily Telegraph

A battle has broken out over the role of the first Army commando unit to be formed since the Second World War, with the Royal Marines claiming that the infantry lack "the suitable calibre" to join their force.

While the Marines believe they are doing the Army a good turn by saving an infantry battalion from cuts, senior soldiers have said that they are bringing the under-manned commandos up to full brigade strength. The new unit will be formed when two infantry regiments are amalgamated next year to become 1 Bn The Rifles.

Soldiers from the Devon and Dorsets and the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry are already conducting extra physical training in preparation to become part of the Royal Marines tough 3 Commando Brigade, which at its core has three formations of about 550 men each.

The battalion's officers and men have been unable to hide their excitement at joining the commando brigade but they will be disappointed at the role the Marines have proposed for them.

Under plans seen by The Daily Telegraph, the wartime role of 1 Rifles will be to protect rear head quarters and supply depots and guard prisoners of war. At best they will be allowed to defend a port or oil refinery after it has been stormed by Marines in helicopters or assault landing craft.

"There is the option of them coming across as fully fledged commandos with the same kind of equipment and training as us," a senior Marine officer said.

"But it's a non-starter as the Army don't have the right calibre of people to do that and we don't have the capacity or space to train a battalion of 600 men."

The Army formation will also be used as 3 Commando's "roulement" battalion, fulfilling its slots of mundane six month tours in less popular operations such as Kosovo, Northern Ireland or Iraq while the Marines unit would be kept in high readiness for specialised operations. "What we have at the moment is a highly capable organisation being essentially out of the picture for almost 12 months used on these tours," the senior Marine officer said.

"We want to keep the three commando units for what they are there are best at - as an expeditionary force that can also support special forces."

While the Marines believe it is "not an option" for the soldiers to become a fully fledged commando unit, senior Army sources have indicated that, although in the short term 1 Rifles will take a back seat role, within three or four years they will be fully commando trained and equipped.

"Our view is to get stuck in and become commandos but the Navy seem to have rather backward approach where they see them as poor second cousins who will free up the commandos to go off and do special operations," an Army source said.

A source from an infantry unit criticised the Marines' attitude towards their potential new commando colleagues.

"What they are proposing, essentially giving us rear security, would be intolerable," he said.

"No commanding officer of a battalion of line infantry, having served in Afghanistan and Iraq, would accept that under any circumstances.

"I also find it amazing that they think raw recruits from the Royal Marines would be of a higher calibre than a soldier who has completed three or four very tough operational tours."

The new unit will come under Royal Navy command but will be paid for by the Army.

Scipio says-The Marine senior officers need to wind their necks in and take their heads out of their arses!-To say that a line infantry battalion is only capable of doing rear security duties and is not capable of front line duty with the so called "Elite" Royal Marines is not only extremely insulting to EVERY line regiment in the British Army but also unbelievably naive and arrogant!-What is the prime function of an infantry battalion?-To fight the enemy and,call me old fashioned,but I believe they've done it quite well thank you over the last TWO hundred years without the help of the Royal Marines,who I believe am right in saying,weren't even the first commandos,it was the British Army commandos,who were formed from men taken from LINE regiments who forged the reputation that they currently bask under today!-The first Battalion the Rifles has a huge amount of operational experience and is just as professional and BATTLE HARDENED as the Marines it will be serving with-To the Marines I say-Give the lads some credit and LET THEM DO THEIR JOB-THEY'RE VERY GOOD AT IT!


Afghanistan marine 'selfless to the end'!

Read this A brave man,and a credit to his unit!

I stand here in the uniform they gave me when I joined
I was the one who run to sign the papers and serve my country
Now I am in a far off land that I cannot pronounce the name of
And I wonder,is it my war?Is it my fight? Should I really be here?
Then I remember why I ran so fast,I wanted to make my mother proud
I wanted to stand up for her rights,I wanted to be the hero of the hour
And add my name to others who did so before me
And I am at peace,I am where I should be,Doing what I am supposed to do
Wearing the clothes that are my second skin now
And I am proud to be the person I was trained to be
I will not hide away when faced by those who do not believe as I
But I will stand and look them in the eye and let them know
When they were sat in the comfort of their home
That I was there,And made a difference

Anne-Marie Spittle


New sport!


Overstretched armed forces need more cash, say Tories!

Read this Not wrong!-Our armed forces have been disgracefully cut to the bone!-The government needs to reach into its wallet and start giving our servicemen the equipment and resources they so richly deserve!


Stand-off in Gulf with Iran 'a bit like Cold War'!

Read this It's not looking good is it?-This thing is going to get out of control!


Government wins landmark terror deportation ruling on Islamist cleric!

Read this Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Beleaguered & bewildered: Prospect of defeat looms for British Army!

Read this Good point well bought out!


1 RGJ talk about "Bulldog"

My old battalion!-Good news to hear that the "Bulldog" actualy does what it says on the tin!

Hat tip-Rogue Gunner


Harry pays to go to war!

Read this Not a surprise!-Every squaddie has to buy various bits of kit because either the equipment issued isn't up to the job or,like in the case of the global positioning system,it's just not issued!-In the case of the kit that Prince Harry has bought,some of it he needs and some he doesn't!-He doesn't need a Para helmet(The issue kevlar is just as good!),the issue long johns are ok(Not that I ever had to wear them during my tour of Iraq,it was too hot!)The issue desert boots worked fine for me too(He didn't need to buy three pairs,I only had one pair which lasted the whole tour!)As for the goggles,they're really down to personal preference,you are issued a pair which are adequate,but many soldiers buy better ones,my own being the American "Wiley x" sold in US Army px stores,which have ballistic protection and interchangeable lenses(About $100 ish!).There was talk of these being put on general issue but I left theatre prior to this happening and have not heard if that has happened.The sleeping bag?-Well you get issued the British Army jungle maggot which is ok when it's hot but total bollocks when the temperature drops at night,most guys do buy their own lightweight "Gonkers",my own choice being the "Merlin" sleeping system.The webbing?-Well again that's down to personal preference too,again the issue webbing is ok,but for vehicle mounted troops and especially commanders who need to Carry more kit,an assault vest or chest webbing is more practical than belt pouches(My personal preference was the assault vest)Both items were introduced in the nineties,several different sorts were tried out and even though they were universally liked,for some reason they were never put on general issue(Probably because they actually worked!)The new body armour,the "Osprey" system,apparently can have pouches attached on the chest,however as it was issued after I left the army,I never got to use it so I can't comment on its practicality(I'd be interested to hear the views of those who have!)The army would say that our soldiers don't need to buy any of their own kit because if they needed it,it would be issued,however this is untrue as anyone whose ever been in the British Army would agree!-In a perfect world our troops would get everything they need however we live in an imperfect world,especialy with our current imbeciles who are in power,and I wouldn't hold my breadth before anything changes!

Hat tip-Rogue Gunner

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Defence chiefs spent £18,000 on a mystic experiment to find Bin Laden's lair!

Read this Are they mad?-Have the imbeciles who run Whitehall finally gone ga ga?-What lunatic thought this gem up?


Blair outrages his own party over 'Son of Star Wars' plan!

Read this

"This disgraceful surrender of sovereignty by Tony Blair will put future generations at risk of nuclear and terrorist attack!"

"We cannot allow him to transform our country into a nuclear aircraft-carrier for the Bush regime!"

An absolute disgrace!-The man's gone mad!-The sooner this traitor is gone from our lives the better!


Earl Jellicoe KBE, DSO, MC, PC, LLD, FRS, FKC

Read this This bloke was a total nutter!


An Iraq inquiry could stop war on Iran!

Read this

"I think an inquiry would be very calming. It would focus us. It would give us something to concentrate on. It might tell us why in the name of heaven we went to war on Iraq. It might even (though it's a biggish "if") stop us going to war on Iran!"

Couldn't agree more!


Israel seeks all clear for Iran air strike!

Read this Didn't really see this one coming!-Not a good time to buy shares in Iranian nuclear energy!

Read also-Ready for war


Forget saving Blair’s legacy. Our troops must come first!

Read this

"To die in a military offensive in a war that looks winnable may be a bearable sorrow.What would be insupportable would be to die in a retreat executed in a manner aimed more to save face than to save soldiers’ lives!"

"As it becomes ever clearer that Britain is disengaging from an operation that has not been a political success, more deaths of British Service personnel will seem increasingly to be lives lost in vain!"

"The saddest casualties in war are always the ones closest to the armistice. The Conservative Party should seize this truth and make it its own. "If we’re pulling out, make it swift, decisive and clean," should be the Tories theme!"

Let's hope David Cameron hoists in these facts and acts on them for the sake of our servicemen!


Another 1,500 British troops being sent to keep control in Afghanistan!

Read this So let me get this right,Tony Blair announces that 1500 troops are being withdrawn from Iraq and not two days later the MoD announces 1500 troops are to be deployed to Afghanistan-Coincidence?-Coincidence my arse!

Read also-PM criticised for dodging 'bad news' on Afghan troops


Royal Marine Scott Summers dies of injuries sustained in Afghanistan!

Read this

When you send the boys into battle,
Send them if you must.
But before you make them go there,
Make sure the reasons are just.

If you think there are reasons for going,
And the reasons are worth all the strife,
If you think you can pay for the losses,
Think – it’s not you who will pay with your life.

Think of the wives who become widows.
Think of the Mums who loose sons.
Think of the fatherless children,
Who are left to be raised by their mums.

It’s not you who will sit in you kitchen,
Feeling the loss on your own.
Struggling to think of an answer to,
“Mum, when is Dad coming home”.

It’s not you who will say to your princess,
After the planes taxis in,
‘Your daddy won’t walk off to meet you,
He’s lying inside a coffin’.

Think when you have your state dinner,
Talking of war, sipping wine.
Neither you nor the other state leaders,
Are sat in the firing line.

If the cause is a just one we’ll back you.
With great pride for our country we’ll fight.
But make sure you know what you’re doing,
And think ‘Is it right? Is it right?’
Sam Steele


British Army gets new patrol vehicle!

Friday, February 23, 2007


Royal Irish tribute


Joke of the day!

Tony Blair,not feeling well and concerned about his mortality
goes to consult a psychic about the date of his death.

Closing her eyes and silently reaching into the realm of the future she
finds the answer: "You will die on a English holiday."

"Which one?" Blair asks nervously.

"It doesn't matter," replied the psychic. "Whenever you die, it will be
a English holiday!".


6,000 fighters preparing for offensive, Taliban commander says!

Read this Let's hope our boy's get all the equipment and manpower they've been "Promised",otherwise they'll be in for a hard fight!-Our prayers go with them


Revealed: The true extent of Britain's failure in Basra!

Read this

"British soldiers have stayed and died in southern Iraq,and will continue to do so, because Mr Blair finds it too embarrassing to end what has become a symbolic presence and withdraw them!"

Good point,well brought out!-It's now obvious to anyone with half a brain that Tony Blair's announcement on withdrawing British troops from Iraq was done purely to grab a headline and for his own selfish political agenda!-If he really cared one iota for our soldiers lives he would pull them ALL out as soon as humanly possible!-The situation in Iraq has gone way past the point of no return and even his own generals are saying that our continued presence there is just exasperating the problem.I find it actually obscene that the only reason he refuses to bring our boys home immediately is to pamper to his own inflated ego and to completely pull out would be admitting he had failed in Iraq.Well the sad truth is he HAS failed in Iraq.The Prime Minister took Britain to war on a lie and because he didn't posses the moral courage and backbone to say no to George Bush,whose own agenda in both Iraq and Afghanistan can be spelt out in three letters-OIL!-Because of Tony Blair's spineless betrayal of democracy in Britain and single-handedly taking us into an un-winable war,against the advice and support of many in his own government and military,over 130 servicemen have died and THOUSANDS wounded for his folly!-Even after the blatant lies and half truths concerning WMD's were exposed did he not admit he was wrong.The threat of weapons of mass destruction was the main reason Tony Blair gave for invading Iraq,not one "WMD" has been found in almost FOUR years!-The man is weak,he lied,he misled,he committed the worst crime imaginable-The betrayal of our armed forces by committing them to an illegal war for political NOT moral reasons and his continued betrayal and contempt by not pulling them all out immediately.The blood of our dead soldiers are on Blair's hands,the sooner he goes the better for us all-Let's hope Gordon Brown shows more honour and integrity than the charlatan currently masquerading as Prime Minister and demonstrates true leadership by bringing our boys home,however I'm not going to hold my breadth and I fear more body bags will be filled with British soldiers before the nightmare that is Iraq will finally be over for Britain!


Royal Navy announce new carriers smaller than expected due to defense cuts!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Iraq war 'helped terrorists recruit in Britain'!

Read this No Shit Sherlock!-Tell us something we don't already know!


Iraq war inquiry will be held 'when the time is right'!

Read this And who's going to decide exactly when the time IS right?-The time should be NOW while all the GUILTY parties are still in office and under public scrutiny before they can vanish away into private life!-These charlatans MUST be held accountable for the disgraceful lies and deceit that led us into the illegal invasions of Iraq AND Afghanistan and the subsequent CRIMINAL negligence and incompetence that has turned both countries into Hell on earth and has cost the lives of so many of our armed forces!


Royal Marine Jonathan Holland killed in Afghanistan!

Read this Another brave British life wasted for American oil and gas rights!

Can we think
a thousand times before we kill
the other in the name of power
or land or ideology?

And after we have thought a thousand times,
written down the reasons,
met with friends to test our cause,
renewed the guns and missiles,
cleaned off the button;
when we have stored up food and water
for a siege, sent the children
to a safer place,
shored up bunkers in backyards,
built new ones near the mint,
thought of hero as someone
convulsed and martyred in the mud,
committed maps to memory,
studied up on ciphers, invented
a new history of disease
and buried the family jewels
to foil the looters;
once we have tolled the bells
and prayed our guttural prayers
for the spirit to be named for us;
sent factories into overtime to make the braids
and uniforms, the medals
to decorate the ones who can return,
confused shelling peas with houses,
small kingdoms crushed;
after we check procedures
for the treatment of fallout
from that most unnatural cloud,
and persuaded our young
that it is just to fight this way,
an adventure, safe, no hand to hand;

when we have done these things
and more, could we think
a thousand times again?

Jorie Manefield Ryan


Top aide's damning attack on Blair's Iraq war!

Read this Another nail in Blair's coffin!-If only Sir Jeremy had spoken up sooner,like say four years ago just prior to the invasion of Iraq!


4,000 troops will stay in Iraq 'for five years'!

Read this Didn't take long for the truth to come out!-So much for Blair's false promises,should have known better-You can always tell when he's lying,his lips move!

Read also-The retreat from Basra

Also-A foreign withdrawal for advantage at home


Prince Harry moves into the line of fire as 1,600 troops get set to move out!

Read this Good luck to Prince Harry and the Blues and Royals and all the lads from 1 Mech.-And especially Not forgetting 4 Rifles (2 RGJ)!


The solution to Afghanistan is so simple!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


E(RGJ) Coy Iraq


Britain's Billion-Pound Future Lynx Helicopter Program

Read this Let's hope that the new ones can fly in hot climates unlike the present models which I rarely saw fly in Iraq due to the intense heat!


Royal Marine killed in Afghanistan!

Read this

You, with your neat picket fence and freshly mown lawn.
Where only the occasional daisy pokes through.
Sedately content you survey your domain.
While I, ignored by the passing thrall, I sit on this dusty plain
My withered limbs say it all, too sick to move I await Kismet.
As far as the eye can see, caught in the dying sun’s rays
The glint and glitter of the death that surrounds me
Thousands of miles away you decide my fate.
‘Tis not gold that’s a lying, but the brass casing’s
Left in pitiful piles from the lead that’s been flying
Too scared to close my eyes should I not wake.
The sky fills with death while the ground trembles
No trace they’ll find of my insignificant bones
Ramadan’s done, ‘Tis the time of Christ.
All this while you reach for your morning coffee.
As I lay dying on the road to Kandahar
James Love


Army vehicle plan "unachievable"!

Rogue Gunner writes-

"Once again another absolute disgrace at this shocking negligence on behalf of our Government. If this was a civilian company that was 10 years behind schedule with a product that cost the share holders Tens of millions then heads would have rolled, but these incompetent imbeciles that work in the MOD continue to under achieve their targets and put lives at risk infact '10-year wait on armoured vehicles cost 30 lives' If Boeing or airbus for example new there was a problem with their passenger planes and spent the next 10 years twiddling their thumbs whilst crashes occurred there would be prison sentences at the end of it all, but its ok to let British soldiers die. I’m sure that these Labour ministers would not accept it if their armoured limos they swan around in had armour made out of wet cardboard, or their bodyguards had dodgy ammo made in Pakistan in their weapons. At the very least this Government is guilty of manslaughter. We require vehicles like the Panther I have posted above.It seems that not only is an armoured vehicle plan `unachievable` so is competant civil servants and MPs in Government.As I have said before if you dont give the soldiers the tools to complete the mission then bring them home"

Scipio-Couldn't agree more!

Read this:


First Troops Called Home

Read this Good news at last that the end might finally be in sight for our involvement in the "Debacle" that is Iraq however I'm not going to hold my breadth!-With Tony Blair's announcement today that British troops are pulling out of Shaiba logistics base,The Old state building and The Shatt Al Arab Hotel bases and concentrating at Basra Air Base basically means that our only presence in Basra town itself is at Sadaam Hussein's former palace on the outskirts of the town which,according to his statement,our forces will be handing over hopefully in a couple of months.What does this mean?-Well allegedly our troops will no longer be patrolling in the town itself and acting as "Bullet magnets" for any Islamic nutter with a gun and a bad attitude to "The lesser Satan"!-However the Prime Minister didn't mention our other bases in Az-Zubayr port and Umm Qasr and the various "Force Protection" duties still needed to be carried out to reach them and into Basra town itself.Although a lot of movement of service personnel and equipment is done by air,due to the extreme danger of road travel,some vehicle movement of essential convoys and large equipment is still carried out by road-The main supply route from Kuwait,"Route Tampa" runs just a few miles to the west of Basra,and is as busy as the M1 during rush hour with massive convoys heading to the north of the country,usually protected by "Trigger happy" Americans who have no hesitation of firing first and then asking who you are after the event(As many British soldiers and security contractors who got to close to the rear of an US protected convoy can testify to!)-Also there will still need to be trips into Basra town itself by British Army personnel and contractors checking on the progress of reconstruction,the armed escort and responsibility of these trips did come under the heading of "Force protection" and was carried out by British troops (I know this because that was my job in Iraq in 2004!)Are we still going to provide this dangerous service or are the Iraqi forces now in control of Basra going to take over that responsibility?-If I was still serving out there and given the choice of escort there's no way in high heaven I'd go for the Iraqi option having seen just how bad and unreliable their security forces can be!Maybe I'm being a little unfair against the new Iraqi security forces however two years is not a long time for things to have changed and recent events involving corruption and terrorist activity by the Iraqi police force in the area doesn't exactly increase confidence in their abilities or loyalties!-The Prime Minister gave the impression of no more troop movement into the town and surrounding area but this is obviously not an accurate statement!At least,in Tony Blair's favour,he is finally attempting to break contact with Iraq,but it has come too late for the 130 British troops who died there as a direct result of his illegal war and lack of support with proper equipment like body armour and adequately armoured vehicles not to mention the betrayal of our wounded service personnel both physical and mental!-Let's hope the withdrawal goes ahead asap and without further loss of life and the "Nightmare" that is Iraq will finally go away!

Analysis: when is the right time to pull out?

Analysis: British have done all they can?


Families of our war dead betrayed by the government!

It has been brought to my attention by a former British Army colleague that the families of any Service personnel killed in Iraq or Afghanistan have to pay for the Inquest into their loved one's death.This is because the Government will not award the families Legal Aid.This is an utter disgrace and not only an appalling insult to the memory of British service personnel killed in action but must also add to the worry and grief felt by their loved ones in what must be an already dreadful time for them.As a result of this disgusting and obscene practice a petition has been started to No10 to try and get the government to change their minds.They need as many signatures as possible to highlight the cause for change and help the bereaved families.As our war dead have already paid the ultimate price with their lives and are unable to fight back WE need to fight back for them.I have already signed the petition and I urge everyone to sign.Click Link to Help: Link

Monday, February 19, 2007


David Hasselhoff-Jump in my car!

This song is so bad it's good!


British 'quick fix' aid for Afghans brought to halt by insurgents!

Read this This clearly shows what a joke the Situation in Afghanistan has become!


SAS founder's life story to be made into a film!

Read this About time too!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Cutting edge-New Cutlass bomb disposal robot!

Read this Let's hope it wasn't built by the lowest bidder!


The extraordinary photo that reveals just how little MPs knew about the Iraq war!

Read this Spineless "Yes men" the whole stinking lot of them!


How SINBAD is helping an Iraqi Town regain its past glory!

Read this Finally some good news to come out of Iraq!


Toys r Us in Finsbury Park show best selling stock!

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