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Sunday, September 02, 2007


Why must his unit be buried with my brave friend?

Read this Another fine regiment bites the dust,a victim of New LIEbour!-Can someone explain to me the thought process behind axing regiments when we don't have enough as it is and we should be FORMING NEW regiments?

The problems of recently having had CGS from a "big regiment" background, said regiment not having the longest history in the British Army.

Yes, we should be making sure that units are up to strength with regular soldiers, then we need more battalions. Personally, I am also strongly in favour of keeping cap-badges, traditions and history.

The ability for salami slicing cuts is the precise problem the Royal Navy has - because ships need to be replaced every 20 to 30 years, all the politicians need to do is to trim the number of replacements slightly and, lo and behold, a massively smaller fleet.

Think about it this way - the huge fuss about the amalgamation of the Scottish regiments. Will we see the same fuss when it is decided that we can no longer support 5 (regular) battalions in the Regiment and one of them can be disbanded to fill gaps in the others?
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