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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Troops' hell in flimsy camp!

Read this Not a surprise I had to live in "TDA" tents for the first two months of my deployment at Basra Airbase before being moved to the "Mortar hardened accommodation" of a portacabin!-But we were mortared ONLY once or twice a WEEK back then in 2004,not TEN times a DAY like the troops are facing now!-You would have thought that the MoD would have grasped the basic fact that shrapnel is not stopped by canvas and that something a wee bit harder is needed however as NOT ONE son or daughter of the new LIEbour government,to my knowledge,is serving in Iraq,or even in the armed forces, it's not exactly a Revelation that our troops are being forced to live in a deathtrap!
This appalling situation MUST change immediately now that the threat level to our service personnel has increased so dramatically!-THERE IS NO EXCUSE that Whitehall can give for this callous betrayal of our fighting men and the contempt for the value of their lives just for the sake of penny pinching!!!

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