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Thursday, September 06, 2007


MOD signs contract for new Army patrol vehicles!

Read this Have they completely lost the plot at the MoD?-Call me Mr Picky but can someone explain the thought process behind buying a completely UNARMOURED patrol vehicle for our troops when in both Iraq and Afghanistan the threat they are facing are IEDs and RPGs which would need an ARMOURED vehicle or at least one with a roof and doors!

Well call me Picky McPicky Chief of the McPicky clan but putting the driver over the front wheel in a vehicle used for patrolling in heavily mined areas is rather "extreme" as they say in the sporting sense or effing lethal as the Coroner will find. The Israelis have had ideal MRAP vehicles with .50 cal mg mounts for this role since 1975 (RAMTA RBY etc) and the latest RAMTA 2000 version is available in 12 versions and a choice of colours. Not certain of the price but definitely cheaper than the 401 Iveco Panther "Rupert taxis" currently warehoused in the UK because unsuitable for deployment. Of course we couldn't buy from the Israelis allegedly because of the lack of job opportunies or directorships for retiring procurement mandarins and pay-as-you-go ministers and protests from the anti-semitic left and the umma.
It gets worse!
A case of a horse being designed by a committee being a camel. The guy who dreamt up the design brief for this has never been shot at or had a molotov thrown at him.
is this the piece of crap that took 3 months to design and build?.a 3 yr old would know it needs armour.
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