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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


PM: Brit troops off Iraq streets!

Read this The worst thing a commander can be is indecisive because indecision kills!-That's a fundamental rule of warfare,one that gormless Gordon plainly hasn't quite grasped!-You'd think his military advisers would have a word in his shell like and put him straight,however they're probably more concerned in keeping their pensions than of the lives of a few more "Cannon fodder" British soldiers,as most of the general staff have already demonstrated by their silence!-Apparently You can only expect a senior British Army officer to do the right thing for their men once he's retired and out of range of the "Big guns" in Whitehall!-So much for honour and their solemn oath as an officer to have a duty to the men under their command!-MAKE A DECISION AND PULL OUR TROOPS OUT-How hard is that?-We're accomplishing sweet FA anyway by being there,so what's the point of any more of our service personnel dieing needlessly purely because Gormless Brownose is terrified of pissing off his new chum George in Washington?-While the smug Scottish lapdog was falling over himself to express undying love for uncle Bush,gladly picking up the mantel of spinelessness dropped by Toadie Blare, three more British soldiers were being sacrificed on the altar of his vanity!-Enough is enough,BRING OUR BOYS HOME NOW!!!-Unfortunately I'm not going to hold my breadth because quite clearly Mr Brownose has about as much moral fibre and common decency as his predecessor and mentor Todie Blaire-Sweet Bugger All!!!

Gordon Brown and every other pc anti English cunt doesnt want MORE Englishmen on England's streets mate; he/they want less!
I hate to say this; but I think one of the reasons the troops are stationed abroad is so they are far less likely to take part in a riot in England! And lets face it mate, that is going to happen sooner or later!
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