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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


New EU treaty is old constitution in disguise, warns Hague!

Read this We must NOT let this travesty of a treaty go through WITHOUT a referendum!-Our very freedom is at stake here!-If this TRAITORS pact is signed democracy ends in Britain and an unelected FOREIGN power will dictate our laws and our very way of life!-Our forefathers fought wars to stop this happening,but now Gormless Brownose and his pack of Quislings that infest parliament in the guise of a government intend to give away our very freedom with the stroke of a pen!-What Adolf Hitler failed to achieve in World war Two,total domination of Great Britain,the European Union will unless this document of capitulation is refused!-We need a referendum on this subject immediately,the British people MUST have an opportunity to decide their own future,before the LIEbour TRAITORS give away our freedom forever!!!

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