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Monday, August 13, 2007


MoD gags military as soldiers banned from blogging!

Read this Another nail in the coffin of democracy in Britain driven in by the bureaucratic lapdogs in Whitehall!-It's NOT about protecting "Operational security",no serviceman is going to give away information that could put his colleagues lives at risk,it's about CENSORSHIP of the truth pure and simple!-The Government and the MoD are terrified of the REAL truth about Iraq and Afghanistan and the morale of our armed forces and the TRUE casualty figures getting out!-As there are currently only TWO service blogs that I know of ( Mine and Rogue Gunner There's not exactly a flood of information to dam so I don't see what the problem is,(Unless shady looking men from the Ministry or MI5 are about to land on my doorstep and drag me away kicking and screaming!)The government CANNOT stop the truth getting out,this IS a DEMOCRACY and the soldiers voice WILL be heard!

Hat tip-Rogue Gunner

Good for you mate!
Fuck the pc loony left bigot mob!
Fuck them to hell!
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