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Friday, August 17, 2007


Demand for military hospital grows as UK's only war ward struggles with casualties!

Read this The MoD needs to re-open a MILITARY Hospital!!!-Why the Buggery Bollocks did they close them all in the first place?-What imbecile thought up that incompetent and ridiculous idea?-I'd like to send the ENTIRE New LIEbour Cabinet to Iraq or Afghanistan and put THEM on the front line with our troops and see how THEY like the thought of REALLY needing PROPER medical care!-I bet things would change rather rapidly then!!!-Here's an idea-Why not clear one of the many UNNEEDED floors at the MoD building in Whitehall and turn it into a military ward?-Maybe lose one of the "Essential" squash courts or the fitness center?-I wonder how many of the bureaucratic cretins and "Armchair Generals" who currently infest those bloodstained corridors of power have ever seen a REAL wounded soldier or heard a British serviceman cry out in pain?-Not many I'd hazard a guess!Most would probably faint at the first sight of blood and the image of legless,armless,blind and hideously wounded British soldiers bleeding all over their highly polished brand new expensive marble floors would probably be too much to bear and they'd have to throw a "Sickie" quoting too much stress in the workplace!

Read also-Demand for military hospital grows as UK's only war ward struggles with casualties

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