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Saturday, May 05, 2007


I fled police in my mother-in-law's burka, says 21/7 bombing suspect!

Read this Coward Scumbag Traitor piece of Shit!-After detonating a BOMB on a crowded underground train full of innocent people,this BRAVE "Soldier of Allah" demonstrates the depth of his religion by doing a runner disguised as a woman,"Frightened the police might shoot him!"-Of course the police would shoot him,He's a murdering Scumbag terrorist,I'D SHOOT THE SNIVELLING SPINELESS TOSSPOT BASTARD GIVEN THE CHANCE!-Let's hope the court throws this TRAITOR in the deepest,darkest cell and throws away the key!-I only wish we had REAL justice in this country still,instead of the PC,European Union,left wing Bollocks that has been forced on us by Blair's "Politburo" of tree huggers and do-gooders and we could STRING THE BASTARD TRAITOR UP!

I would stick a pigs cock up his and a copy of the Koran down his throat. Then I would hang him from the Finsbury Park Mosque by his jug ears. While they SAS stormed this "Mosque" putting bullets in the radical mullahs who bravely hide in the shadows preaching how to take over our Country because the backward bastards have fucked theirs. Thats justice
This arsehole should have been shot on sight, then his body should have been wrapped in a pigskin minced up and fed to pigs in front of all of his relatives who then should have all of their assets taken away before being put on the first plane to islamabad with a picture of the piggy feeding stuck into their passports!
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