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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Funerals threatened with £100 fines for taking too long!

Read this What the Buggery Bollocks is going on in this country?-What Brain dead,Penny-Pinching,snivelling excuse for a human being thought up this latest gem of outrageous,unbelievable horseshit?-Are they mad?-Charge people for over-running the funeral of their loved ones!-That's really going to help the bereaved in their grief!-And what about MILITARY funerals?-Is that the REAL reason for this LUNACY,that because more and more of our lads and lasses are coming home in body bags from the forlorn hope of Iraq and Afghanistan that the government has finally decided to profit from their deaths?-This really goes too far,what next-A tax on Cancer perhaps or maybe heart attacks!-What a load of Bollocks!-Stop the world,I want to get off!

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