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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Figureheads may be in jail, but al-Qaeda will strike in Britain again!

Read this Al-Qaeda will strike in Britain again-No Shit Sherlock!-Thank you "Toadie" Blair for making our country a safer place by winding up one of the biggest and most dangerous religions in the world with your Illegal invasion of Iraq and occupation of Afghanistan,why not go the whole hog and bomb Mecca as well,that'll really get the rest of the Muslim world on side!-And it's no shock that:"Two thousand people are estimated to be involved in al-Qaeda activity in Britain!"
I'm just surprised the number's that low considering the large amount of untraceable Muslims arriving on our shores,unchecked,every day in the guise of "Asylum seekers" and able to melt into our society because of the "Politburo's" inane and stupid "Open door policy" and the total lack of border control that the incompetent lunatics who contemptuously lord over us in parliament have presided over while fattening their own wallets and passing laws for their own benefit while the country gradually sinks below the waves of despair and is fast becoming the dumping ground for the scum of the world and a practise range for any brainwashed camel-shagging,Islamic nutter who wants to get his brains blown out for Allah whilst murdering as many innocent civilians in the process!-Yes,thank you Tony Blair,he'll be remembered as not only the WORST Prime Minister this country's ever had but also the man who destroyed the English way of life forever,by allowing unchecked mass immigration and the betrayal of our armed forces by putting the interests of the USA before our own and blindly following George Bush into an illegal war!-If only this was a hundred years ago,then for his TREASON he would have been handed a loaded revolver and left on his own to do the "Honourable" thing!-Oh,silly me I was forgetting he doesn't know the meaning of honour!

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