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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Troop reduction in Iraq delayed after pressure from US!

Read this Even though "The head of the British Army,General Richard Dannatt,said the presence of British forces in Iraq was exacerbating the security situation,and they should "get out some time soon" and the fact that "Last month the Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett,said that Britain would be in a position to hand over security in Basra to the Iraqis at some point this spring" apparently this dares to go against what the United States want and "Toady" Blair has "Kow towed" in his usual revolting way to George Bush and given in to American pressure to keep our troops in Iraq longer than was intended!-If you needed proof that Britain is now the fifty first state of America this is it!-If Blair processed just an inch of backbone he would have told George Bush to go swivel but,as we all know there's more spine in a jellyfish than our current poor excuse of a Prime Minister and I fear that our troops in Iraq are going to suffer needlessly for his cowardice!

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