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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Iraqi insurgents using Austrian rifles from Iran!

Read this No shit Sherlock!-What did our so called "Allies" in Austria think the Iranians were going to do with state of the art sniper rifles,go camel hunting?-While not fifty miles away their brother Shias were fighting a civil war and in desperate need of better weapons,they really weren't going to let them have the odd one or twenty were they?what Austrian idiot brokered the deal?-He needs to be publicly exposed and forced to apologise to the families of coalition soldiers wounded and killed by his product!I bet they'd be singing a different tune in "Schwarzeneggerland" if Austrian troops were operating in Iraq or Afghanistan,but call me Mr Picky but I can't recall seeing any soldiers singing "Edelweiss" or "Raindrops on Roses" anywhere near Basra when I was out there!

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