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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


In the chaos of Iraq, one project is on target: a giant US embassy!

Read this What a bunch of hypocrites!- 104 acres of prime real estate wasted to build "George W's Palace"!£312 MILLION pounds of American taxpayer's money squandered on unneeded luxuaries that include the biggest swimming pool in Iraq,a state-of-the-art gymnasium,a cinema,restaurants offering delicacies from favourite US food chains, tennis courts and a swish American Club for evening functions while the local population doesn't even have running water,working sanitation or a reliable electrical supply-No wonder they're fighting so hard to drive both the US and Britain out of Iraq,if I was an Iraqi seeing this kind of hypocrisy and waste while my family struggled to eat and keep warm at night I'd be straight down the local "Jihad recruiting office"!

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