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Friday, February 16, 2007


Farce as US insist coroner must show friendly fire video in private!

Read this They're really flogging this dead horse for as much as mileage as they can get!-Mistakes happen in wartime and people get killed,that's a fact!-It's been happening since two cavemen picked up a couple of sticks and started fighting over a mammoth bone and it it will continue to happen while wars are fought.The difference between life and death in modern warfare can be measured in a heartbeat,split second decisions have to be made or people die and sometimes mistakes are made-It's nobodies fault,it's war!-There's been a lot in the press about "Blue on blues" and calls for the pilots in question to be charged with manslaughter,this is a blatant example of "Armchair warriors" who have no idea what they are talking about and absolutely no inkling of the realities of modern air combat bumping their gums to make a big headline!-The pilots in question must be living their own private Hell for the mistake they made which you can be certain will haunt them to their dieing day and it is grossly unfair for any blame to be heaped on them when they have already suffered enough!-It is very sad that Matty Hull was killed and I'm sure his family must be devastated,but the blame cannot lie with the pilots,if anyone must be blamed then it's George Bush and Tony Blair who started this illegal war in the first place!

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