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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Tribute to the fallen


Accept defeat by Taliban, Pakistan tells Nato!

Read this NATO are going to have to go to the negotiation table with the Taliban sooner or later so it might as well be sooner before more of our troops die needlessly!


Marines furious at front-line 'pay cut'!

Read this This is a disgrace!-The MOD should honor the debt and pay what the Royal Marines are owed!-They are daily risking their lives in the most severe circumstances for a pittance in pay and this just adds insult to injury!-The Prime Minister should step in,show some integrity and order the MOD to pay our troops what they're owed before they lose what little respect they have for this government!!


Nato reaches deal to let more troops join fight against Taleban!

Read thisFive percent?Five Poxy percent!-Don't do us any favors will you!-Our troops are desperately in need of support and our NATO "Allies" can only be bothered to offer us a five percent increase in strength!What is the point of being a member of NATO if when you ask for help they wimp out all the time?-If Tony Blair possessed any sort of backbone at all he would be demanding that our "so called allies" start acting like allies and get with the program!-Unfortunately for us once again Tony Blair has demonstrated how spineless he really is and our troops are the ones who will suffer for his lack of moral fiber!-Let's hope the next prime minister,whoever it will be,will speak out more for the interests of this country and its armed forces!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Rumour control!

I'd like to get more feedback and comments from serving or ex soldiers about Iraq ,Afghanistan and army life in general.For this reason I've created "Rumour control" to allow squaddies to have their say.Please feel free to comment on whatever topic you want,completely "Off the record"


Painted black


What's that noise?


Sniffer bees set to snare suicide bombers!

Read thisHas the world gone raving mad?-Sniffer bees,have you ever heard anything as ridiculous and inane as this?(Apart from Tony Blair's excuse for invading Iraq!)-If you had the choice of a two hundred pound,killer Rotweiller with a heavily armed,highly trained policeman at the end of it or three bumble bees in a matchbox protecting our ports and airports which would you prefer?-I've made my choice-"Here Fido"!What next attack butterflies!


Sharia law is spreading in Britain as authority wanes!

Read this This is NOT a good thing!-If you live in a country,any country,you live by that country's laws!-If you don't like that,then you live somewhere else pure and simple!It may sound a good idea to some to sort some problems out of court,but who decides what goes to court and what doesn't?Does that mean that rapists,child molesters,muggers and murderers will not get the punishment they deserve under British law and instead go scott free and unknown to the police,still a danger to the public and able to offend again,unchecked?-What qualifications have these "Sharia" judges got?-What rights have the accused got and what punishments will be given out for the more severe cases?-These are,without doubt,illegal courts and must be stopped before it becomes too widespread and the police lose all control of law and order!-British Muslims must obey British law,if they are unable to do that then I suggest they go and live elsewhere!

Read also-A third of Britons want Muslim veil ban


A step towards breaking a dark embrace!

Read this Not all bad news but it's not exactly great is it?Here's a mad radical idea,why don't all the Western countries buy the poppy crop?The pharmaceutical companies need opium to make their drugs,why not buy them legitimately from Afghanistan and in one move wipe out the drug trade for good?Or have I got it totally wrong?-Answers on a postcard please!


Analysis: Nato strikes deal – but where are the reserves?

Read this About time too-But when are we going to see some more boots on the ground?

Read also-Afghan security handover is on track for 2008,says NATO


Future of Ulster: Their aim? Reconciliation. Their means? Talking!

Read this If only they could have all done this thirty years ago!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Germany buys better kit for its troops!

Read this What they really need to get is a new spine for their soldiers then they might start fighting!


Blood borders -How a better Middle East would look!

Read this Interesting idea!-If only it could happen!

Hat-Tip 632c5r09ow8




The threat to Nato!

Read this Not wrong!-Our so called "Allies" better wind their necks in and start playing the game because the Russian "Bear" didn't go away it was just hibernating and its showing signs of waking up!

Read also- Russian bear makes Israel jittery

Also-Blair urges Nato allies to do more fighting


British troops may stay in Iraq until 2016!

Read this The first time a government minister has said something near the truth!-2016,well that's a little longer than the 3 years suggested yesterday!It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that the main British base in Iraq also happens to be an airfield not too far from the Iranian border and in range of all the other "Unfriendly" countries in the middle east?Take a look at a map of the world and you will see that having a western military airfield,capable of receiving troops and equipment and mounting operations,slap bang in the centre of the middle east is a huge bargaining chip in future policy decisions and negotiations within the Arab world!In 2004,during my own tour in Iraq,I was based at Basrah International Airport,I was present when "Basrah Airbase" was created by simply fencing off the military section.Building work on more permanent structures was still under way when I left in December,and we were all well aware that the intention was to create a permanent RAF base for at least the next ten years!-The statements made by Des Browne yesterday were typical of this present government's "Spin doctoring",saying what the public wants to hear and grabbing the headlines:troops out by next year,and in the next breadth announcing another ten years of deployments!It's obvious that yesterdays announcement was to play down the more important one of today,can we believe anything the government says at all these days!"What does the British public gain from our occupation of Iraq?"That question was put to Des Browne last night by Jeremy Paxman on "Newsnight" and he couldn't reply!We've gained nothing from the Iraq war and insurgency except dead and wounded British servicemen and home grown suicide bombers!-Time to pull ALL our troops out of the quicksand that is Iraq before it pulls us all under!

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Monday, November 27, 2006


SAS sergeant shot dead by iraq rebels!

Read this

To look into a soldiers eyes, the window to their soul
Look out from the inside of their mind and see horrors never told
You say we are just killers, its not that plain you see
Take a walk inside my boots, and see what I have seen
Many innocent lives taken, and soldiers there were some
Giving their lives freely to get the job done
The last cold stare of death, we see in our buddies eyes
They fought for all your freedom, this is why we die
Some wonder why we fight to protect the nation, and maybe lose our life
Ask this question to a soldier, the answers in his eyes
Always we will be here waiting, the call we wont deny
We'll always fight for freedom, never asking why
We'll go away to far off lands, leaving our loved ones behind
Many times we are alone, several times inside
Open the windows to our souls, see the tears we hide
Secrets we cannot keep, are in a soldiers eyes


Nato urges end of right to opt out of Afghanistan combat!

Read this About time too!-Get these cowards off their fat arses and make them stand with our men at the front!For too long this travesty has been allowed to go on,while British,American,Canadian,Dutch and Danish troops are fighting hard and taking casualties on a daily rate,our so called "Allies",the Germans,French,Spanish and Italians are living the life of Riley in their safe camps in the north,not even going out the gates!What does NATO stand for anyway?-"Not Allowed To Operate?"!-If they want to shelter under the security "Umbrella" of NATO then they have to be prepared to fight when the time comes and that is now!


Campaigners call for compensation for slavery!

Read this Are they raving mad?-Don't these cretins read the history books?-We're the ones who ended the bloody slave trade in the first place and we didn't even start it,it was started in Africa by Africans stealing each other and flogging their relatives to Europeans!And whose going to get compensation?-It was TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO for fucks sake,the entire population of Jamaica or just the Whole West Indies?!-The very fact that that idiot Tony Blair has even brought the subject up beggars belief,has he lost the plot entirely or has the "PC Brigade" brainwashed him?Give me strength,what next I wonder?Are we going to say sorry to Scotland for the battle of Culloden and compensate the clans?How about apologizing to the French for sinking all their ships at the battle of Trafalgar,we could pull down Nelson's Column and put up an enormous frog instead!-Stop the world I want to get off!


Muslims oppose vast mosque plan!

Read this Let's hope their voice is heared and it doesn't get built!-And who's going to pay for this?-I hope it's not coming out of taxpayer's money!


The embarrassing difference between the RN and the USN!

Hat-Tip Theo Spark


UK troops to reduce by 'thousands' by end of 2007!

Read this Great news,can't come too soon!-Let's hope he keeps his promise and we get our boys out of there as quick as possible!-No mention of Afghanistan though,wonder why?(Nothing to do with vast amounts of oil and gas of course!)

Read also-War and failing confidence abroad weakens Iraqi leader


In Loving memory of Pte.Phillip Hewett

Pte.Phillip Hewett,1st Battalion The Staffordshire Regiment,killed in action 16 July 2005,Maysan province,Iraq


Soldiers turned away from bar after funeral!

Read this Absolutely appalling!-This makes my blood boil,this is an insult to every single British servicemen,the fact that "Walkabout" even have this policy in the first place beggars belief!-I for one am never going to set foot in a "Walkabout" pub again and neither are any of my friends until they issue an apology and open their doors to the servicemen who,at this very minute,are fighting for their lives,so these stupid,ignorant people can run a business without fear of being shot at or blown up-SHAME,SHAME,SHAME!!!

Hat-Tip Watching men burn

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Makeshift 'Rorke's Drift' unit of medics and engineers holds out Taliban!

Read this We still have the best army in the world and we all should feel justly proud of how our troops are fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan!-Under equipped,poorly payed and betrayed by an uncaring,ungrateful government however the British public will never give up on our boys-Well done lads,your efforts will not be forgotten!


This is MAD!


'Restore death penalty and never scrap the pound' says Priti Patel!

Read this If this girl's for real then she'll get my vote!


Shot in battle, by the video soldiers!

Read this How long until the killjoys in Whitehall try and ban soldiers using video cameras?-They don't like it because it means they can't censure the truth from getting out!


Advance of the girl Gurkhas!

Read this What are they going to call them,"Ghurkettes"?


New ID cards announced!

Hat-Tip Theo Spark


Army Air Corps in Iraq

Thanks to 659 Squadron


US carried out Madrasah bombing!

Read this That was a clever move by the US,start bombing Pakistan and wind up 160 Million of their population!-Who are the Yanks going to bomb next,Iran,Saudi Arabia?-Answers on a postcard please!


Ferocity of Iraq attacks leaves US troops helpless!

Read this If this isn't civil war I don't know what is!-If British and American troops can't stop it,what are we doing there at all?-Time to leave now before any more of our troops are sacrificed needlessly in an un-winnable war!


Britain told: do peace deal with Taliban!

Read this The man's got a point!-This is Britain's FIFTH conflict in Afghanistan in the last 160 years and we don't seem to have learned anything from all our time there!-The Afghan people are fighters from birth,theirs' is a warrior culture going back before the days of Alexander the great!-They've been invaded over a dozen times in their history and have been fighting continually now for the last 30 years,First the Soviets,then the Taliban and Nothern Alliance and now us,so they're very good at it!Also the terrain is mountainous so it only needs a relatively small force of strong willed men to hold up a larger force almost indefinitely!During the Soviet occupation,which lasted almost ten years,the mujahadeen,after a rocky start,drove the Russian forces to a standstill,forcing them to fight a defensive war and eventually contributing to the collapse of the Soviet Union!-When the Western leaders finally wake up to the fact that a victory is almost impossible without massive troop deployments,years of fighting and hundreds if not thousands more casualties,which are completely unacceptable,then they have to go to the negotiation table and sit down with the Taliban and try to come to some sort of compromise.If the United States wants its oil and gas pipeline then it has to talk to these people or it won't be built and when the oil finally does start flowing whats to stop the Taliban blowing it up whenever they want?Every war in history has ended at the negotiation table,and all that ever needs to be decided by both sides is how many innocent people die before that time is reached!

Friday, November 24, 2006


Grenadier Guards in Iraq

Thanks to Support Coy.1st Battalion,The Grenadier Guards


British soldier killed in Iraq!

Read this More blood on Blair's hands!

The Show

Guns roar,tracer flys,another British soldier dies,
Bodies heap while you're asleep,the anguished cries of widows weep.
The crack of rounds,a soldiers down,the howling scream of battle sounds.
As rockets stream into the air,the wounded shriek it isn't fair!
As fathers' sons lay down their lives,and leave behind their lonely wives,
As young men bleed into the sand,their lives cut short by strangers hand.
As dreams end suddenly in the sun,it makes you wonder what's been won?
What's worth the taking of a life,a father,son or someones wife?
What can be gained by so much pain,what reason to make horror reign?
When flags unfurl and bugles sound,why do we have to fight for ground?
Why can't we meet as honest men,and solve our problems with a pen?
Why can't we throw away our guns,our rockets,tanks and all our bombs?
And live in peace and without pain,never to see the tracer again,
Never to hear the sounds of war,of bullets,bombs and cannons roar.
Never to see a life cut short,never to see a battle fought.
Never to hear a widow cry,a wounded man scream to heaven,why?
Never to bury your own son,and wonder the reason his life was done.
If only this dream will come true,a better life for me and you.
Until that time i'd better go,to the recruiting office to join the show.

By Scipio(2006)

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Cheap bullets put lives of paratroopers at risk!

Read this This is what happens when the MOD penny-pinch-British soldiers lives are put at risk by inferior equipment!-Our servicemen deserve the best kit money can buy and it is a disgrace that this is not happening.I saw this first hand in Iraq in 2004 when we weren't even issued enough ammunition for our personal weapons,just a mere 120 rounds(Four magazines worth) which,during a firefight with the enemy who normally number in the dozens,would last a matter of minutes!Our radios rarely worked,having to rely on mobile and satellite phones(Try getting a signal in the middle of the desert!)We even had to steal 24 hour ration packs,for use in an emergency,from the Americans as we were told there were none available!Then there was the dreadful state of our vehicles.Much has been written in the press of the appalling "Snatch" armoured landrover.They broke down all the time,many of the air-con units were useless(Try sitting in full kit in a metal box in 50% centergrade!)we didn't even have enough breakdown kits and had to steal them from other units!(There was one incident when my vehicle broke down in the desert about 50 kilometers from anywhere with one other vehicle,eight soldiers on our own,no radio,no phone signal and no bloody tow rope!Eventually after about two hours we managed to get the wagon going and limped back to camp but that day could have turned out a lot different if any bad guys had wandered our way!It was after this incident that we stole enough breakdown kits for all our vehicles!)We also used "Wolf" landrovers,soft-skinned and totally unarmoured,just a grill fitted over the windscreen and side windows-We stole old bits of grill and metal sheeting to jerry-rig our own armour but it was totally inadequate!Recently the MOD has made some efforts to improve our troops equipment,new armoured vehicles,The "Mastiff PPV" and "Vector" which hopefully will finaly give the protection and mobility we so desperately need,the "Osprey" body armour system,far superior to the old "Combat body armour",the rapid-fire grenade launcher,providing excellent,hard hitting firepower,to name but a few of the improvements in kit but more is needed to be done!It was only after the public outcry at the lack of proper equipment that the government was forced to reach into its wallet and "cough up the readies"!This latest example of "Penny-pinching" just highlights the years of cutbacks and compromise that has reduced our once mighty British armed forces to a mere shadow of its former self!-Much more money needs to be spent on all three services,we need more and better equipped warships,fighters for our aircraft carriers would be nice too!(As at present we don't have any!),the RAF is desperately overstreached and needs more fighters and particularly transport aircraft(When I returned from Iraq there were only TWO DC-10s in theatre and one of them was "Buggered",in the words of our pilot!)And the army needs more infantry battalions-It would help if the government also stop disbanding the pathetically few we have left already!All in all there needs to be a complete turn around in government policy of defense spending and they need to do just that-Start Bloody spending!!!


So how does 'engaging with Syria' look now?

Read this Interesting point of view!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006




New citizen rights for Commonwealth Service personne!

Read this About time too!


Soldier who lost legs in Iraq has courage!

Read this A brave man,brutally betrayed by an uncaring and unworthy government!The fact that Headley Court is almost full reminds us all of the true cost of Tony Blair's "War on terror"!-The appalling treatment of our wounded servicemen and women is a national disgrace,not to mention all the reservists who after returning from serving their country in Iraq and Afghanistan have just been abandoned by an ungrateful government!


Beckett: Basra hand-over by spring!

Read this Excellent news but they are still saying we'll be in Iraq until at least 2010 which is four years too long!We should pull out now and let the Iraqi government run their own country without any interferrence from the West!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Soldier's moving diary reveals plea to Blair to pull troops from Iraq!

Read this Gunner Lee Thornton's words speak from the grave-"Iraq is not worth dying for,our troops should be pulled out now"!-How many more Lee Thorntons are there going to be before Tony Blair puts an end to this charade of bringing democracy to the downtrodden of Iraq,this senseless waste of British lives and brings our boys home for good?-How many more British families have to suffer the loss of a father or mother a daughter or son?-Sacrificed on the altar of Tony Blair's ego,for the sake of lies and half truths against the wishes of the majority of the British population!-Or when Tony Blair does finally stand down from office,to the relief of us all,if we're still in Iraq,will the next Prime Minister show the moral courage that Blair has lacked and pull our troops out of this "Forlorn hope" that has become Iraq and end the slaughter for good?-Unfortunately if it's a Labour Prime Minister then we're Buggered well and truly!Unless that appalling party suffers a "Sea change" I don't see much hope for our armed forces,let's hope the British public vote with their feet and kick these charlatans out of office before they end up destroying Britain and killing many more servicemen with their incompetence and mismanagement!


Op Telic 7


War in Iraq could turn Muslims to terrorism, says Reid!

Read this No shit Sherlock!-Talk about stating the obvious to score a "Browny point" against Tony Blair!-It's the beginning of the end for the "Politburo" of New Labour when the rats start leaving the sinking ship of this appalling government and start fighting amongst themselves!-And if Tony Blair isn't in "Denial" about Iraq and Afghanistan turning Muslims against us what other river in Egypt is he in?-The sooner this corrupt,incompetent,selfish,sleazy,arrogant,criminally negligent joke of government breathes its last breadth the better for us all!-Bring on the Tories hard and fast!-They may not be the nights in "Shining armour" that we all dream of but they certainly couldn't do any worse than the present load of idiots who currently have the bare faced gaul to call themselves a government!


Cameron and coterie take the jet for their very own look at Darfur!

Read this Bravo David Cameron!-Finally someone who might be able to influence the West's stance on Darfur instead of the useless and spineless UN!-Let's get some proper troops on the ground,not the inept African contribution,and stop this genocide before it's too late!


Iraq and Syria restore ties!

Read this A step in the right direction but will Syria demonstrate its commitment by closing its borders with Iraq and stop insurgents crossing over?-I'm not going to hold my breadth!

Monday, November 20, 2006


The final justice!

Hat-Tip Islamanazi


Coming to a sea near you soon-The Type 45 Destroyer!

Read this What,more new kit for the Royal Navy,does this mean that soon the Queen will actually have a fleet to review?


3 Para call in a JDAM in Afghanistan

Have it!


Belief in a better world should not become a casualty of Iraq!

Read this Good point,well brought out!


We need a Marshall Plan to beat the Taleban, Pakistan tells Blair!

Read this Tony Blair has given £500 MILLION of taxpayers money to Afghanistan for reconstruction and has promised another £480 MILLION!-How many more hospitals,policemen or council houses could that much money buy?-How much improvements could be made to our already over-strained transport system of roads and rail,overland and underground,how many more prisons could the Home Office build-Why doesn't he simply just flush our money down the toilet if he wants to waste it in this way,at least that will be a bit more honest than throwing it away on a country that has nothing to do with Britain's interests apart from wasting the lives of our servicemen on an American led "Crusade" under the false banners of "Democracy" and "Freedom" which in reality is about an oil and gas pipeline!

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Also-Throwing good money after bad governance

Also-Musharraf's balancing act warms things up


Fighting back: the city determined not to become al-Qaeda's capital!

Read this A "Forlorn hope" or a sign of local attitudes finally changing?-More than fifty US soldiers killed in Ramadi since June,that's ten a month,how many more casualties can the US suffer before public opinion for the war,which is already at an all-time low,finally forces the US to pull out of Iraq?

Sunday, November 19, 2006


7 Para RHA fight off Taliban at Naw Zad,Afghanistan


Book review-Dusty Warriors by Richard Holmes

Read this Excellent book!-Anyone who wants to know about what it's like to serve in Iraq should read this book!It describes the PWRR's (Prince or Wales Royal Regiment) tour in Iraq in 2004,at the same time as mine.It gives vivid,first hand accounts of their many contacts and it puts you on your belt buckle next to them,right in it!I remember reading the intelligence reports of several of the contacts at the time and I found it fascinating to hear the "grisly" details from the soldiers who were there!BUY THIS BOOK!!


Wounded Taliban treated in Pakistan!

Read this Not a surprise!-We've known Pakistan has been turning a blind eye and in some cases actively helping the Taliban and Al-Qaeda for years!-Whole areas of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been declared "No-Go zones for their own security forces,allowing the Taliban/Al-Qaeda fanatics to regroup,train,re-equip and plan their attacks in safety.After every engagement they simply cross the border to safety,with coalition troops unable to follow and finish them off for good!If Britain and the US were serious about ending this bloody conflict they would have sorted out Pakistan's involvement and blatant collaboration with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban long ago!-Which brings me to why have the Pakistan government been allowed to openly get away with supporting these evil lunatics and why haven't either the USA or Britain brought them to task over it?-Also why are the Western powers,particularly the United States,so keen to remain in Afghanistan but eventually pull out of Iraq,aren't their goals for both countries the same or is there a bigger picture we're all missing here?Turkmenistan's Karakum Desert holds the world's THIRD largest gas reserve,and has six BILLION barrels of estimated oil reserves and the Caspian region's oil and gas reserves are also the third largest in the world with an estimated two hundred BILLION barrels!Also let us not forget that Afghanistan has its own oil and gas reserves,as yet hardly touched,a probable ninety five MILLION barrels,according to Soviet estimates!-Starting to look a bit clearer now?-The United States official oil policy is to "View oil as a security consideration and we have to protect it by any means necessary,regardless of other considerations and other values"!All of a sudden the Afghanistan conflict can be seen in a new light,it's not about a fight for democracy against dictatorship at all,it's about oil and gas pure and simple and who gets to control it!-To cash in on all this oil and gas a pipeline would be needed,starting in Turkmenistan,running through Afghanistan and guess into what country next-Pakistan,then down to the Arabian sea.The only other route would be through Iran and obviously the US would not see this as an option!-Clearly Pakistan has to be kept an ally otherwise when the "Goodies" start flowing in they could very well throw a spanner in the works!When you look at the Afghanistan conflict in this light doesn't it make you wonder how strong the original evidence for invading the country in the first place was or did America indeed have a different agenda and used the God given excuse of the attack of September 11th and revenge to further its' own colonial goals?

Read also-America,oil and Afghanistan

Also-Afghanistan analysis

Also-Gas,Oil and Afghanistan


Energy plants may get armed terror guards!

Read this It's an unfortunate sign of the times that Britain now needs armed security at all our major power,gas and water sites,let's hope that the government spares no expense and doesn't penny pinch when it comes to their funding!

Read also-Civil Nuclear Constabulary

Also-the CNC Website


RAF crew quit over ‘unsafe’ Nimrods!

Read this Too many years of cutbacks are now putting our servicemen's lives at risk!-This is not the last we'll hear about this!


Prisoners get their own 'cell-phones'!

Read this You have got to be joking!-What ever happened to punishing criminals?-The "PC Nazis" have done it again!Before long convicts won't want to leave prison because it'll be easier on the inside!


Army fury as chief in Afghanistan is told he won't get vital armour!

Read this An utter discrace!-So much for tony Blair's promise that our army commanders would get everything they ask for!

Troops face new battles in blitz on heroin crop

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Labour offers new pay and perks for frontline soldiers!

Read this Good idea and well overdue!-Let's hope this promised pay rise brings our troops wages up to a decent level finally after decades at being below the minimum wage!


Robber shot by police may sue Scotland Yard!

Read this Should have shot the scumbag dead in the first place and save us taxpayers having to fund his addiction whilst in prison and the inevitable pay out from our loony "political correct" judges!

Read also-Red tape means police spend 10 hours over every arrest!


African peacekeepers to get UN backing in Darfur!

Read this African soldiers are about as useful as tits on fish!-Is the UN ever going to grow some balls and do something positive about Darfur or just do what it normally does,sweet Bugger all!?


Apache attacks insurgents house


Tutors, imams and police must unite to spot extremists!

Read this A step in the right direction but it's not enough!-Anyone who incites death and murder should be either deported or imprisoned,however while Britain remains under the jackboot of the European Union and the ridiculous European Court of "Human Rights" our courts hands are tied!


Iraq war 'pretty much a disaster', Blair concedes!

Read this If it's that much of a disaster then why doesn't he bring our boys home?


Dutch set to ban burka in public after election!

Read this And this from a country renowned for its tolerance!

Friday, November 17, 2006


AC-130 attacks Taliban compound



Army On Everest

Read this Good luck boys!

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