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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Jubilant Iraqi looters strip military base after British forces pull out!

Read this Thieving Arabs!-Having regulary visited Camp Abu Naji in 2004 I can say that it was a total shithole and there wasn't anything there worth nicking in the first place,except some ancient derelict buildings,lots of scrap metal and sand!


Lib Dem recruitment interview!

He failed but joined New Labour and is now a cabinet minister!


Iran's president launches a new nuclear project!

Read this Time to clear out the rubbish from my old "Anderson Shelter" at the bottom of the garden!-Or move to Norway,noone seems to want to bomb them!


Front line Iraq 'too dangerous' for Prince Harry!

Read this Send Tony Blair to Iraq-See how he likes it!-At least Harry and William have the courage to face the same danger as our troops,Bravo to them both!


Dying on its feet!

Read this More proof that New "Liebour's" open door policy for immigration is damaging not only Britain but the countries and the stones that the leeches are crawling out from under!-Slam the door shut now before we become infested with the cockroaches of the world!


So who did win the Battle of Britain?

Read this Heroes one and all!
"In the eyes of the world in 1940, and in those of sensible historians to this day, victory was won, and Britain saved to fight on, by the pilots of Fighter Command under the splendid Air Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding"
Max Hastings 2006

"The gratitude of every home in our Island, in our Empire, and indeed throughout the world, except in the abodes of the guilty, goes out to the British airmen who, undaunted by odds, unwearied in their constant challenge and mortal danger, are turning the tide of the World War by their prowess and by their devotion. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. All hearts go out to the fighter pilots, whose brilliant actions we see with our own eyes day after day…"
Winston Churchill August 20th 1940


Hat tip Beau Bo D'or


"Scramble! Scramble! Scramble!" Harriers get tough in Afghanistan!

Read this Glad to see the "Boys in Blue" have still got what it takes!

"It’s how I imagine the Battle of Britain pilots felt, waiting next to their aircraft for the call to scramble."
RAF Harrier pilot


A Military Assessment of the Lebanon Conflict

Read this The conflict solved absolutely nothing at all it just killed thousands of innocent people without any obvious gains!

" Hezbollah, on the other hand, proved that they had mastered positional warfare, absorbed modern weapon systems and had the organization and morale to withstand being surrounded and overrun. Hezbollah will have lost many of their best units and weapon systems during this conflict but enough have survived to rebuild again. Furthermore Iran will quickly move to re-supply Hezbollah with more of “what worked” and less of “what didn't”. Given a breathing space Hezbollah ought to come out of this conflict technically more capable and with veteran cadres"


Israeli Government and IDF racked by unprecedented leadership crisis

Read this Looks like the honeymoon is over!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Hat tip Beau Bo D'or


On this day

1305- William Wallace was executed at Smithfeild Market.He was drawn and quartered: strangled by hanging but released near death, emasculated, eviscerated, beheaded, then divided into four parts (the four horrors) at the Elms in Smithfield. His head was placed on a pike atop London Bridge, which was later joined by the heads of his brother, John, and Sir Simon Fraser. His limbs were displayed, separately, in Newcastle, Berwick, Stirling, and Aberdeen. -Bet that hurt!

1651- Charles II enters Worcester and starts a battle

1833- Slavery abolished in the British colonies-Until Tony Blair enslaved us all!


Bowman plagued with problems!

Read this All the years of hype and money and the thing doesn't work!


Rainbow-The uncut version!

I don't remember it being this good!


Minister warns of a 'perpetual battle'!

Read this Blind twat!-We wouldn't be facing this threat so much if we didn't have so many Muslims living here in the first place!And it was Labour that allowed so many in!-Kick the whole rotten lot of them out,pull down their mosques preaching hatred and send the whole treacherous,brainwashed,medievil lot packing back to whatever camel infested sandpit they came from!


Lieutenant-Commander Joe Evans OBE

Read this A true British hero!


Embattled Blair ends holidays to prepare for his swan-song

Read this Do us all a faviour and Resign you American loving brown nosed,lilly livered,spineless,incompetent meglomaniac-And take your currupt,left wing,sleazy so called"Government" with you!


Britain may halve troop numbers in Iraq by next year!

Read this Good but not good enough-Pull all our troops out now from Iraq and Afghanistan before any more are needlessly killed for a lie and Tony Blair's ego!

Telegraph has this to say

The Times makes this comment


Mother held in cell for telling off child for swearing!

Read this Idiots!-If some little toe-rag had spat at a child of mine I'd have done more than gone to see his parents,I would have battered the little shit black and blue!


Continue funding failed asylum seekers, health trusts told!

Read this

"Can someone tell me why I have to wait months for an appointment to see a consultant and then more months, if not years, to get treatment while someone else can step off a plane and walk into a hospital bed?"

The blue touch-paper has been lit,it's only a matter of time before this country explodes!-Through our history the English have shown the world what a decent,law abiding,moral,tolerant people we are.We fought two world wars when other country's freedom was taken from them,The list of tyrants that we've fought or overthrown in the name of liberty and freedom is long and distinguished,Charles VI of France(Agincourt)King Philip II of Spain(Spanish Armada),Napoleon Bonaparte(The Peninsular War),Tsar Nicholas I(Crimean War),Kaiser Wilheim(WW1),Adolf Hiltler(WW2),Benito Mussolini(WW2),Saddam Hussein(The first Gulf War)-I could go on but I think I've prooved that we are a righteous nation.For hundreds of years "Asylum Seekers" have avoided persecution in their own countries for their religion or race and have settled in England-Irish,Jews,French Haugernos and gypsys all came to make a better life for themselves and found santuary amongst us,building strong community's and thriving,becoming British but not losing all their former countries customs or beliefs,and were acceptepted by us as equals and our country was enriched by their diversity.However they came in relatively small numbers compared to the mass immigration that we face today and they were granted no special treatment or privalges,not the double standards and free handouts that we see today.The English are a tolerant,good people,we are fair minded and respectful in our national pyschi and it takes a lot to awake the lion within us all.In years past,when needed,the British Lion has roared and Nations fell for when the lion is awake it is a fearsom beast and cannot be defeated!-It is time to wake the Lion!-Our nation is under the greatest threat of invasion for 65 years,the last time we faced such a life altering change to Britain's population and way of life was by a man named Adolf Hitler!-The British Lion roared then and Adolf's fate is confind to history!-The "Politburo's" open door policy must be stopped now before it is too late and England's green and pleasant land is overun with freeloaders and foreign criminals.Already we see special treatment given to these undeserving spongers:Que jumping at every level!-Free medical treatment,often before someone who's lived here all their life and clogging an already overworked and underfunded National Health Service,free council houses/Flats- taking houses that British citizens have been waiting years for(Sometimes decades)!Free money for the unemployed,that they are NOT entitled to,have NOT earned and are bleeding Britain's cashbox dry!This cannot be allowed to continue,we do not pocess unlimited resources and the river will run dry if not halted!THE BRITISH LION WITHIN US ALL MUST AWAKE AND ROAR!-Drake's drum must be beaten now!-The government MUST be made to change it's policy on immigration now,before its too late!Otherwise the face of this nation will be changed forever and what made England English will cease to exist!


Prescott shows he's full of it!

Hat tip Theo Spark


Young father shot dead by teenage gang

Read this An utter disgrace that this could be allowed to happen on an English street!-This demonstrates quite clearly that the Home Office have lost control of Law and order on our streets and that the criminal is king!We need the rule of law reestablished in this country before we become like America and decent people are frightened to leave their homes for fear of attack by coward scumbags!The criminal justice system in this country is a joke,rewarding criminals and not the victims of crime,we need proper sentences putting criminals behind bars where they deserve to be for years not months and I believe the Death Penalty should be reintroduced for Terrorists,Rapists,Child Molesters,Murderers and Drug Dealers-They don't deserve life they should forfeit the right of life just like they did to their victims!The "Human Rights Brigade" can shove their Political correct,European Union brainwashed,left wing,lilly livered coward heads up their collective arses for all I care,all they are doing by their incompetent interfereing is putting the innocent law abiding population of this country at risk by not allowing the police and courts to do their job properly and punish criminals properly and deter others from committing crime-The "European Court of Human Rights" has done more damage to the security of this country than the Luftwaffe ever did!-The sooner that collective body of interfering,left wing imbeciles are told to keep out of our business the better!The solution to our problem on crime is simple:Build a lot more prisons and start filling them up,Close our borders and deport EVERY foreign criminal,Tell the EU to fuck off and mind it's own business and Hang ALL deserving scumbags-That should do the job unfortunately implementing any of these solutions would require a proper government with a backbone and moral courage,something the "Politburo" dosn't have a shred of!


Why this man should give us all nightmares!

Read this George Bush is the man that gives me nightmares not this idiot!-With Iran's recent history and the Iranian people becoming more aware of the real world,due to the internet, I don't see him lasting much longer!(I wish we could say the same thing for Bush and Blair!)


How many more immigrants can Britain take?

Read this The answer is none!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A licence for extremism

Read this Tell it as it is!Finaly someone who can tell the truth and not be branded a "Racist"!


Nearly 600,000 EU immigrants have arrived in the UK!

Read this And that's only the ones they know about!-That's 600,000 too many and we certainly don't want or need any more!The NHS can't cope,the DHSS can't cope,the Home Office haven't got a hope in hell of coping and we don't have enough council houses for our own population let alone giving any away to the none deserving foreign leeches who are sucking this country's meager resources dry!


British Army to get new radio system!

Read this About time too!-Only 20 years late!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Radical Muslims 'using universities to spread extremism!'!

Read this Scum!


Thriving Iraqi city where invasion has worked!

Read this Give the Kurds their own country,they've earned it for fuck's sake!-Unfortunately Turkey,who are total Islamic wankers,won't allow the Kurds to be free because it threatens their own dictatorship!


20,000 Romanians sign up to build London's Olynmpicsi!

Read this Fucking discrace!-Send the scumbags back where they came from,they're not wanted here!-How dare the Politburo allow these foreign fuckers over here to steal our jobs!


Mutiny on Flight 613

Read this Chuffed to fuck!-This will happen more and more,the enemy is amongst us and until the Politburo wind their incompetent necks in and start protecting us from murdering Muslim scumbags we will see more action by private citizens concerned for their safety and not hogtied by political correctness!-The enemy are Muslims,until the Government openly acnowledge that obvious fact we're all at risk!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


If only we could do this to Blair!


Chaos, incompetence and dangerous drivel!

Read this Political Correct Bollocks!-This copper needs to wind his neck in and stop talking racially motivated idoitcy and get on with the job his paid to do-Fighting crime and defusing not creating problems!


Sentences slashed as jail cells dry up!

Read this Has John Reid lost his already feeble,Whisky clouded,Political Correct,Commie mind?-BUILD MORE PRISONS you Scottish imbecile!Don't let the scumbags out,try stringing a few of them up-Rapists,child molesters,terrorists,Drug dealers and Cabinet Ministers-The real low lifes who don't deserve to live and who are using up desperately needed spaces senselessly!And here's another ground breaking idea,any foreign criminal-DEPORT!-Send them back to whatever cesspool they came from,never to return to this fair land!!(That should account for two thirds or the prison population!)Come on "Commie Jock",get it sorted!


Comrade ordered to shoot comrade. . . but what right have we to judge them?

Read this About time too!British soldiers murdered through illegle Government policy,sounds very familiar?

the Telegraph has this to say


Dumb waiter!

Hat tip Theo Spark


£46m has been 'wasted' on controversial ID cards!

Read this Total waste of time and money!

"The money the Government has spent on the ID Cards scheme so far could have put over 150 new police officers on our streets for a decade."

Or how many hospitals or border guards could we get for £46.4 million?


'Illegal immigrants allowed to work by officials'!

Read this An utter discrace!

"The UK Immigration Service is committed to tackling illegal working and adopts an intelligence-led approach to operations. However, whilst we always seek to remove those who have no right to be here, resources and operations always have to be prioritised to maximise the number of people we remove and for reasons of public protection."

Haven't seen any evidence of this at all!


Prescott in 'four letter insult to Bush'!

Read this Fat,useless Northern Git!-He's got a nerve,a strait case of big fat pot calling kettle black I think!We all know the Yanks handling of the middle East crisis borders on the insane and George Bush is a imbecilic moron,but Tony Blair's refusal to condemn Israel's bombing of civilians and publicly "Kow Towing" to Bush at every given opportunity screams of gross cowardice,incompetence and criminal negligence not to mention treason,allowing a foreign government to not only dictate Britain's policies abroad but also to interfere with cabinet appointments and policy at home!I can think of a better word than "Crap" for those actions!And let's not forget the whole rotten barrel of corrupt,incompetent,sleazy,unpatriotic,selfish maggots that currently have the affront to call themselves our "Government",how they have managed to remain in power with so many blatant examples of their gross negligence and indifference to the needs of this country I just cannot fathom!Did they put something in the water before the last election to brainwash the "care in the community retards" who vote Labour to stay loyal to the sinking Blair flagship and pledge their support or was there an unreported outbreak of "Mad cow" disease that affects human beings and removes their ability of rational thought?I think the second option and we better find a cure quick and vote these cretins out of office before they do any more damage to our country!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Royal Air Force gets a lift from C-17 Deal

Read this We need more than five!Work it out,at least two will be out of commision being serviced at one time,that only leaves three operational-What if somthing goes wrong with one or more of those?


On this day

610AD-In Islam, the traditional date of the Laylat al-Qadr when Muhammed began to receive the Qur'an.-The day the world started to go wrong!

1792-French Revolution Storming of the Tuileries Palace Louis XVI of France is arrested and taken into custody.

1861-American civil war Battle of Wilson's Creek The war enters Missouri when a band of raw Confederate troops defeat Union forces in the southwestern part of the state.


Why George Bush can't see America's policy in the middle east is wrong!


Damned lies and quotas!

Read this We're living in George Orwell's 1984 now!


Veterans' film tribute to 'the Few'

Read this An excellent idear!-Children should be taught England's great history in our schools!And NOT the politically correct,watered down version making the British Empire out to be evil,causing the young to feel ashamed of our past-We have a glorious history!One to be honoured and cherished,we should be proud of who we are and what we've done,the children of today should hold their heads up high and feel pride in this great countries achievements and honour those who shed their blood and fought for our freedom through history!The "PC Nazis" can shove their brainwashed heads up their own backsides for all I care!-I'm English,I'm proud to be English,the British Empire once ruled the world and made it a better,safer place and I'll shout it from the highest mountain,which an Englishman climbed first ,for all to hear!


Cameron breaks silence to criticise Israeli attacks

Read this About time too!-Wish he'd done it weeks ago,now he needs to get a grip and do his job as leader of the opposition-Call for all our troops to be brought home from Iraq and Afghanistan now!-Come on David,do the right thing,save some British lives!


British Martial arts!


Sidelined on a Barbados beach

Read this Wish he'd do us a favor and stay there!


Speeding motorist tried to blow up camera!

Read this Don't nick him-Give this man a medal!A hero to us all!


Frontline troops 'unprotected'!

Read this Having served out in Iraq,risking my life daily,for Blair's lies and ego and seeing first hand the criminal shortages in equipment and manpower that the British Army are forced to operate with I can say that unless a change is made with the funding of our armed forces,and they are given the manpower and resources to do the job properly,we will see an increase in casualties due to tired overworked soldiers making mistakes and poor,inadiquate equipment failing them when they need it the most!Tony Blair has failed the soldiers,airmen and sailors under his command in the most shameful way.He does not deserve their respect or loyalty and I don't know one soldier from my unit who disagrees with me!Too many cutbacks and regiments being axed or merged has reduced moral in our armed forces to an alltime low.At a time when our military are streached to breaking point across the world,carrying out pointless and unwinable politicaly motivated operations in Iraq and Afghanistan,Taking casualties on an almost daily basis through criminal neglect and incompetence by the "politburo" it's time to take stock and withdraw before it's too late and our troops lose what little confidence they have left in the government and its foreign policies!

The Telegraph has this to say

Times says this!


Ministers at war over open door policy on immigration!

Read this Slam the "Open door" shut before it's too late!

The Times agrees with me!



'Up to 50,000 troops' needed to control Taliban!

Read this Not a surprise!I've been saying this for weeks!Time to pull all our troops out before anymore die fighting George Bush's war!


Criminals freed because we've run out of cells!

Read this Incompetence on a grand scale!What signal does this send out to criminals?Another example of the Home Office's failure to keep this country safe!The answer is simple-Build more prisons-How hard is that?I can think of at least a dozen empty army camps that could be used in the interim,but that would be the obvious,sensible solution and the Home Office doesn't have "Obvious" and "Sensible" in its vocabulary,its easier for them just to release several hundred criminal scumbags back into society to offend again!


Terror plot to cause 'mass murder on unimaginable scale'!

Read this Well done to the security services!Another example of why we must pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and what happens when Blair refuses to condemn Israel's illegle bombing of Lebonese civilians-The murder plot was foiled this time we may not be so lucky the next time!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Millions are breaking hosepipe ban!

Read this What do you expect-The ban is illegle!-The Bocshe own our water now which in itself I find unacceptable,and Their incompetence over repairing damaged and leaking water mains screams of gross negligence!How dare they even hint of uping the already exulpitant fees for water when we shouldn't pay anything at all!


Knife muggings leap 75% in one year!

Read this If we had a proper criminal justice system,sentencing knife offenders to real prison terms,instead of the political correct joke that we have at the moment,where offenders get off practicaly scott free,then we might see a change!Unfortunately don't hold your breadth for this to happen,no-one in government has the backbone or moral courage or even the decentcy to push this through!


Sign lanuage for the dumb!

Hat tip
Beau Bo D'or


Heroine teenage soldier to be decorated for bravery

Read this Well done girl!


Britain faces greatest danger since World War II, warns Reid

Read this We're only in danger because Tony Blair lied and took us to fight an American war making the entire arab world hate us!-Not to meantion New LIEbours "Open Door to terrorists and the scum of the world" policy,inflicting us with millions of ethnic scumbags we don't want,changing our society against our will and making the white English into second class citizens in our own country!


Terror raid brothers 'told soldiers: we hope you die in Iraq!

Read this Scum traiters!-Throw them out of the country if they don't like us!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


James Bond


Lebanon responds to Blair!


If they hate us so much, why don't they leave?

Read this Tell it as it is Richard!-They won't leave because they'll happily take state benifits,free housing,education and free medical treatment,things that they wouldn't get in a muslim dictatorship!(Let's not forget free speech!)


Householders could be charged per amount of rubbish produced!

Read this Unbelievable!-So now we're going to have the "Rubbish Police" hassling "Serial Crimianls" who forget to put their old Corn Flakes and Weetabix boxes in the right Eco-Friendly Bio degradable dustbin!What total,utter Bollocks!Have the Politburo's environment nutters got nothing better to do with their time than think up inane idears like this?Instead of trying to look after our enviroment they want to brand innocent people "Antisocial" and "Irresponsible" just if they happen to put an empty Stella can in the wrong bin-The phrase "Get a life" springs to mind!


Speed could be slashed to 20mph across the country!

Read this Have they lost their tiny "PC" infected minds?-20 mph!-We'd never get anywhere!By the time you got to the end of your journey it'll time to turn round and go home!Do the morons who think this drivel up live in the real world,or are they out in their "Happy Place"-An imaginary universe where cars are only owned by Labour MPs,and the rest of us travel around on state controlled bicycles,with tracking devices,paying through the nose to use toll roads and having to apply for travel visas for any journey over five miles!


Council tax must rise to pay for migrants!

Read this The truth about the disastrous effects of mass immigration under "NEW LIEbour" is finaly coming out!-Don't let any more in until we've thrown the illegle ones out!-How hard is that?

Monday, August 07, 2006


New Transport Minister


Cloning demo adds to fears over ID card scheme!

Read this Proof positive that the idear's Bollocks!


How the US fired Jack Straw!

Read this Blair must go now!-The very fact that the US can dictate to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to sack a government minister is beyond belief and must never happen again!How dare America think it can order Britain about like a lapdog!How dare Tony Blair give in to George Bush-He's supposed to be our Prime Minister for God's sake-Tell him to fuck off!We are a sovereign nation and were governing ourselves very well thank you, many hundreds of years before Columbus said "What's that over there?"-Who do these Yanks think they are?The new rulers of the world!They need to be told to wind their necks in and stay out of our business,unfortunately Blair lacks the moral fibre or backbone to do it so be'd better get someone who will before the "Stars and Stripes" flys above Buckingham Palace!


Employers face ethnic quotas for public work!

Read this This is a discrace!-Employers should be allowed to employ who they want,regardless of colour or race,without interference from the government!So what if they don't employ any ethnic minorities,they might prefer an all English work force-I know I would,if I could find a company that did I'd be there like a shot!


Blair's Broadcasting Company

Unfortunately not a joke!

Hat tip Theo Spark


4,000 walk out of open prisons in five years!

Read this Another nail in the Home Office coffin!


Pole 'too dangerous' for firemen!

Read this Health and Safety gone mad!-What's next?-Stop firemen going into burning buildings because they're unsafe?


Terror laws are 'anti-Muslim' says senior policeman!

Read this Good,because it's only muslim terrorist who are the enemy!How many Christian suicide bombers have we seen lately?


Israel murders another terrorist!

Death toll reaches 1000 Read this Whatever title you call it,It's still murder!-Bombing innocent civilians,women and children day after day and destroying their only escape roads-This screams of war crimes!The fact that Blair still refuses to condemn Israel's illegle use of force,because he dosn't want to upset his master,George Bush,is actualy degrading to Britain,because by Blair's act of betrayal to the United Kingdom,he tars us all with the same immoral,weak willed American brush in the eyes of the world!


Family car tax should be '£1,800 per year'!

Read this Totaly out of order!-How can they possibly justify this?Already the cost of car tax is too high not to mention the Criminal price of petrol and diesel(compared to the rest of the known universe!)and the "Illegal" congestion charge!I see the "Transport Nazis" are also talking about more "Toll roads",call me old fashioned,correct me if I'm wrong,but isn't that the reason we pay car tax in the first place?This is just another example of the Politburo's indifference and arrogance towards the working class of Britain,who this will effect the most!The MPs,in their chauffeur driven,state funded limousines won't feel the pinch in their bank statements!A man works hard all his life,pays his taxes and trys to give his family a better standard of living and a good car why should he be targeted by these unfair and illegle taxes?The sooner we throw these hypercritical,selfish imbeciles out of office the better for all of us!

"Pay as you drive" Link


Jeremy Clarkson for Mayor of London!

Read this Excellent idear-He gets my vote!

Hat tipTheo Spark


Reid: Talking about immigration is not racist!

"Reid" this Typical,making the right noises but no action!-We don't want a commietee,we want immediate action to slam the "Open Door" shut before any more freeloaders arrive!And mass deportations of the sponging scumbags already here,bleeding us dry of our own meagre resources!


Give the Army more money or lose lives, warns Gulf War colonel!

Read this I've been saying it all along,the Army's streached to breaking point!-Well done Tim,a true hero for decentsy and common sense!-Let's hope the politburo take note and act before it's too late and more lives are needlessly lost-Pullout of Iraq and Afghanistan now,We can't win,it's not our war and never was,the British public don't want us there,the British Army don't want to be there(I know I was one!)The entire Arab world most defintely don't want us there,The only people who do are George Bush and his lapdog Tony Blair,shamefully carrying out American policy at the cost of British lives!

The Times has this to say


Now cross-country at school can breach a child's human rights!

Read this Another victory for the "PC Nazis"!-Are they out of their minds?Who writes this crap?-"Cross country running against human rights",they've lost the plot!What other craziness is being taught at schools?What sort of political indoctrination are our children being brainwashed with?-Gay sex for three year olds,EU propaganda and now this utter bollocks,it makes me very worried indeed!The Politburo are brainwashing our children with "Political Correct propaganda" to make a nation of little socialists!-The Nazis did the same thing with the Hitler youth!Big Brother is indeed watching us,George Orwell may well have been predicting the future of Britain when he wrote "1984",apparently it's Tony Blairs favorite book-he based "New LIEbours" intire political agenda on it!We have two choices,allow ourselves to become citizens of a dictatorship superstate or FIGHT and take back our Rights,our Freedom of choice and our Country!We can begin with kicking out Blair and his currupt,communist government and replacing them with something resembling a Democracy!


Our worst nightmare!

Useless,Fat Git!

Hat tip Beau BO D'or


'Rejuvenated' Blair wants to remain in power until 2008!

Read this Nooooooo!-Why can't the useless,spineless meglomaniac see the writing on the wall and do this country a favour and just leave?Where's a grassy knowle when you want one?


Almost a quarter of Muslims believe 7/7 was justified!

Read this The enemy within?-This proves the Politburo has let too many muslims in!370,000 potential terrorists living in Britain at the moment!-And how many more on the way?This is a serious problem,they don't live like us,they don't follow the same religion,they don't have the same respect for human life,they refuse to integrate into our society,chosen instead to form Ghettos of their own, and they are not loyal to the Crown,all in all they are a clear and present danger to the social structure,national identity and security of our country.By supporting the July 7 attacks these "British muslims"(A contradiction in terms-How can you be British and a muslim?)are committing open treason!If they don't like it here they should leave,go back to the fly infested sandpit where they came from and as for our "Home grown" ones,they should wind their necks in and count their blessings,if they don't like it here,go and live in Iran or another exremeist muslim dictatorship where the people don't have the freedom of speech to express their views openly like they have here and anyone who doesn't obey their idiotic and medieval "Shia Law" gets hung from the nearest crane or stoned to death by a howling mob!-Somehow I think they might be back in Britain before you could say "Hypocrite"!


Fourth British soldier killed in Afghanistan in a week!

Read this How many more?

What passing bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
No mockeries for them; no prayers nor bells,
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,-
The shrill,demented choirs of wailing shells;
And bugles calling for them from sad shires.

What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys but in their eyes
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.
The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall;
Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,
And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.
Wilfred Owen(1893-1918)

Friday, August 04, 2006


Who are Hizballah?

Read this Everything you wanted to know about Hezballah but were afraid to ask!(Apparently it's spelt four different ways!)


Britain's Billion-Pound Future Lynx Helicopter Program

Read this The "Politburo" spending money on something we actually need?-Wonders never cease!-Let's hope we still have an Army Air Corps and RAF in 2009 to fly them!


Running the gauntlet in a land of militias, insurgents, soldiers, gangs - and death at every turn!

Read this

"The country is now so dangerous that American commanders are having to shift more goods by air into their heavily defended bases"

Time to leave I think!


Blair-'If you're so clever, then why is it that they all hate you?'

Read this Couldn't agree more!


Doing it my way

Thanks to the United States Marine Corps


On this day

70AD- The destruction of the Second Temple of Jerusalem by the Romans

1265-The Battle of Evesham of the Second Barons' War is fought in Worcestershire, with the army of future King Edward I of England defeating the forces of rebellious barons led by Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester and killing de Montfort and many of his allies. This is sometimes considered the death of chivalry in England.

1902- Greenwich foot tunnel under the River Thames opens.

1914- WW1 Begins when Germany invaded Belgium; in response, the United Kingdom declares war on Germany. The United States proclaims neutrality.

1944- Holocaust: A tip from a Dutch informer leads the Gestapo to a sealed-off area in an Amsterdam warehouse where they find Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family

1964-Vietnam War: United States destroyers USS Maddox and USS C. Turner Joy are allegedly attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin Air support from the carrier USS Ticonderoga sinks two, possibly three North Vietnamese gunboats. Years later, the claim of NVA attack was revealed to be false.


Air Commodore Vic Willis,DSO,DFC,OBE

Read this A true hero!



Australia introduces prison ships for illegle immigrants!

Read this What a good idear!-We need some of those ships over here!


Distinctive walk lands gay burglar in prison

Read this Screaming Faggot!


£1 million to salvage last flight of the Vulcan

Read this Where do I send the cheque?

The history of this excellent plane Here


Blair 'should send sons to war'!

Read this More blood on Blair's hands,shed for a lie!


The nightmare begins!

Hat tip Theo Spark


Blair saddles Brown with £15bn ID cards through manifesto pledge!

Read this The man's an idiot!-I don't want Blair,I don't want Brown and I definitely don't want ID cards!

The Times has this to say


Angler speared by a giant fish!

Read this Ouch!-That had to hurt!


Home Secretary loses Afghan hijacker appeal

Read this An utter disgrace!-They hi-jacked an airplane,terrified and threatened the passengers,and these Criminals are getting away with it scott free and even worse we're paying for them to live among us!The European Court of Human rights is the biggest load of bollocks ever!The sooner we bin their political correct garbage and take back our right to pass laws and govern ourselves without interference from that unelected,bureaucratic,idiotic bunch of cretins the better!


Sea resort to open beach only for muslim women!

Read this Have the Italians gone stark raving mad?-A fine example of integration-I wonder what the locals think about it?

Thursday, August 03, 2006


The new "Hitler Youth"!

Appalling!-What hope have these children got of a normal life after being brainwashed with hatred from an early age?-The scum who did this are below contempt!

Hat tip USS Neverdock


Thanks to the War Machine!

Read this

"Russian officials are expressing concern over the situation in Lebanon – and, just as in Soviet times, are not mentioning what the new oil crisis is giving Russia, and on a much greater scale than in the 1970s. The price of a barrel of Russian Urals oil reached a record high of $72.09 on July 14, after the beginning of the military action in Lebanon. Russia, like the Soviet Union, is the world's leading oil producers. According to the international database JODI, it produced 9.63 million barrels of oil per day in April of this year, and Saudi Arabia came in second with 9.22 million barrels per day."

Makes you wonder who else is doing well out of the current crisis!(Whose supplying all the military hardware to Israel,and how much money is it worth in future contracts?And who's supplying all the weapons to Hizbollah,all Russian by the way,What a shock! )If Kuwait didn't have any oil do you think the world would have been so quick to free them?The same can be said for Afghanistan,not a lot has been said about the oil pipeline running through their country and then we come to Iraq,the oil there is more pure than Saudi Arabia or Kuwait,What a shock that we went to war again there on the most obvious of lies,I'd like to check out the bank accounts of certain countrys after each conflict,I bet they're not in the red!The hypocrisy of it makes me want to puke!


New British Army patrol vehicle arrives in Iraq!

With Special "Matress" armour!
Photo taken by Scipio.Iraq-2004


French bashing!

A lion in the zoo was lying in the sun licking its rear end when a visitor turned to the zoo keeper and said, "That's a docile old thing isn't it?"
"No way," said the zoo keeper, "it's the most ferocious beast in the zoo. Why just an hour ago it dragged a Frenchman into the cage and completely devoured him."

"Hardly seems possible" said the astonished visitor, "but why is it lying there licking its rear?"

"The poor thing is trying to get the taste out of its mouth!"


Lebanon and the Unlearned Lessons of Iraq

Read this Couldn't agree more!


Getting a grip in Lebanon

Read this Never thought I'd agree with William Hague!


I tried so hard!

Dedicated to all our men and women "Over there!"!


Radical Islam is a threat to Muslims

Read this Not wrong!


Lieutenant-Colonel George Styles, GC

Read this This man was a nutter!


On this day

8BC-Roman General Tiberius defeats Dalmatians on the river Bathinus

1492- Christopher Columbus sets sail from Palos de la Frontera, Spain.

1916-WW1.The Battle of Romani is fought between forces of the British Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

1934- Adolf Hitler becomes the supreme leader of Germany by joining the offices of President and Chancellor into Führer.


Flood defence schemes hit by Defra cuts

Read this More politburo incompetence with rural Britain to suffer!I bet if any member of the government lived in one of the areas at risk of flooding or the "Rural Vote" mattered they'd soon change their tune!Quicker than you could say "Ballet box" the bulldozers would be out and a floodwall the size of "Offa's Dyke"would appear!


Monty Python-Married


Bed tax 'will be disaster for resorts'

Read this A total discrace!-Obviously the Politburo won't be affected,they all get "Freebie" holidays abroad at the taxpayers expense!


It's a sale, Jim, but not as we know it

Read this I wonder how much for Seven of Nine's G-string?-Mmm,Might put in a bid!


Victorious Iraqi soccer chief driven into hiding by threats!

Read this If only this had happened to Sven before the world cup!


This cynical betrayal of British troops

Read this Having served out in Iraq,risking my life daily,for Blair's lies and ego and seeing first hand the criminal shortages in equipment and manpower that the British Army are forced to operate with I can say that unless a change is made with the funding of our armed forces,and they are given the manpower and resources to do the job properly,we will see an increase in casualties due to tired overworked soldiers making mistakes and poor,inadiquate equipment failing them when they need it the most!Tony Blair has failed the soldiers,airmen and sailors under his command in the most shameful way.He does not deserve their respect or loyalty and I don't know one soldier from my unit who disagrees with me!Too many cutbacks and regiments being axed or merged has reduced moral in our armed forces to an alltime low.At a time when our military are streached to breaking point across the world,carrying out pointless and unwinable politicaly motivated operations in Iraq and Afghanistan,Taking casualties on an almost daily basis through criminal neglect and incompetence by the "politburo" it's time to take stock and withdraw before it's too late and our troops lose what little confidence they have left in the government and its foreign policies!


George Bush's private lav!

Hat tip Beau Bo D'or Shamelessly right clicked!


Paedophile gets 20 years for 'worst ever' child sex abuse

Read this Sex Case,Sex Case,Hang Him,Hang Him,Hang Him!-Don't let the filthy scumbag waste taxpayers money in jail-Send him to burn in Hell like he deserves!-Bring back the Death Penalty for all Paedophiles,Rapists and terrorists.If they can't find anyone willing to do the job I'll happily oblige-And I'll even supply the rope!


Reid gets green light to return asylum seekers to Zimbabwe!

"Reid" this I don't believe it,do my eyes decieve me-Are we actually deporting an illegal immigrant?Is John Reid finally starting to do the job he's paid to do?Wonders never cease!-Only another million to go!


The Forrest Gate Freeloaders!

Read this Throw the ungrateful,freeloading spongers out into the gutter where they belong!


Prescott finally brought to heel!

Sadly a little too Late!

Hat tip Theo Spark


Blair flies back to Cabinet mutiny

Read this Throw the spineless,American lacky out of office!


Tributes to tragic hero who was soon to leave the Army

Read this Brave men who deserve better-True leadership and courage instead of betrayal by the Prime Minister,sending them to fight on a fool's errand!


Ambassador: Iraq civil war more likely than democracy!

Read this Finally the truth coming out by someone who knows!-Let's see Blair try and wriggle out of this one!-We need to bring our troops home now before more are killed or maimed for a lie!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The Show

Guns roar,tracer flys,another British soldier dies,
Bodies heap while you're asleep,the anguished cries of widows weep.
The crack of rounds,a soldiers down,the howling scream of battle sounds.
As rockets stream into the air,the wounded shriek it isn't fair!
As fathers' sons lay down their lives,and leave behind their lonely wives,
As young men bleed into the sand,their lives cut short by strangers hand.
As dreams end suddenly in the sun,it makes you wonder what's been won?
What's worth the taking of a life,a father,son or someones wife?
What can be gained by so much pain,what reason to make horror reign?
When flags unfurl and bugles sound,why do we have to fight for ground?
Why can't we meet as honest men,and solve our problems with a pen?
Why can't we throw away our guns,our rockets,tanks and all our bombs?
And live in peace and without pain,never to see the tracer again,
Never to hear the sounds of war,of bullets,bombs and cannons roar.
Never to see a life cut short,never to see a battle fought.
Never to hear a widow cry,a wounded man scream to heaven,why?
Never to bury your own son,and wonder the reason his life was done.
If only this dream will come true,a better life for me and you.
Until that time i'd better go,to the recruiting office to join the show.

By Scipio(2006)



Long bad day at work-going to drink heavily-proper blogging tommorow!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The finalists of "Miss.Iran" pose for the swimsuit heat!


Home Office Border security-They wish!

Read this A quote from the Home Office web site!

"Border security
All UK ports have in place a port policing strategy which involves the screening of passengers and freight for the purpose of detecting and preventing the illicit movement of people or goods involved in criminal or terrorist activity."

(Didn't see any indication of this last week at Dover coming back from my French "Booze Cruise"!)


Britain Buying New Land Vehicles for Iraqi & Afghan Theaters

Read this About time!-At least someones been listening!


British Army challenging the ocean!

Read this Good luck to you all!

Link to the Mercury Challenge


Rock the Basrah

Thanks to 4 plt.Messines Coy.The London Regt.
Dedicated to all the British Army serving in Iraq and Afganistan


Mel Gibson to run for Governor!

What a twat!I don't see how he can be in any position to criticise any country-He's Australian for God's sake!


Lessons on the EU 'should be part of school curriculum'!

Read this If this isn't "Political Indoctrination" I don't know what is!An utter discrace-Why not just re-form the "Hitler youth" and be done with it?At least they were honest about wanting a fascist super state!


The only place for nuclear waste -1 km underground!

Read this I've solved the problem-Drop it all on Iran,They said they wanted it!


MP breaks Tory line on immigration!

Read this No shit Sherlock!-Tell us something we don't already know!A Tory MP saying something I agree with-Wonders never cease!At least we should be grateful that the problem is being finally discussed without screams of "Racist" or "Nazi" from the "PC Brigade"!Let's hope the "Politburo" have the moral courage to sort it out,though I don't think I'll hold my breadth!


China builds vast bunker complex 'in case of attack'!

Read this Do they know something we don't?


Putting out the rubbish!

Hat Tip Theo Spark


On this day

30BC- Octavian (later known as Augustus) enters Alexandria, Egypt, bringing it under the control of the Roman Republic.

1461- Edward IV is crowned king of England

1798-The Battle of the Nile starts between French and British fleets.We win!

1800-The Act of Union is passed in which merges the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


Welcome to Britain - entry just £150!

Read this £150-Not bad for a lifetime of benefits and a free house!


We will not cease fire, says Israel!

Read this An utter discrace!How a sovereign state can justify the senseless bombing of innocent civilians while the world looks on and does nothing to stop it is beyond belief!I can understand Israel's anger and frustration with the daily attacks by Hizbollah on their citizens, but indiscriminate killing of Palestinian civilians only recruits more to the terrorists cause!Already Iran has used Israel's bombing as a battle cry to rally support in the Arab world against Israel and the west.There must be another way to settle their differences instead of violence.You would think that in the twenty first century mankind could solve its problems by talking instead of fighting however I suppose in the real world that will never happen.I can only feel sorry for all the senseless deaths on both sides to come in this pointless conflict.

The Times has this to say

A question of Values -An interesting view.


The Terminator meets the Timidator!

Hat tip Theo Spark


£110 fine if you put bin bags out early!

Read this What a load of rubbish!


Terror threat to Britain 'severe'

Read this
"Highly likely"-No shit Sherlock!I don't know who thinks these inane alert states up but Why don't they say it as it is?The lowest could be "Haven't a clue" followed by "Don't know yet" followed by "Well maybee,We'll get back to you" next could be "Hang on a minute!"and finally the highest state "We're all Doomed!"!


Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices

Read this Everything you wanted to know about VBIEDs but were afraid to ask!


Self defence class


British soldier forced by shortages to give body armour to others!

Read this Finally the truth has come out!The "Politburoes" penny pinching led to the death of a soldier!-Tell me something I don't know!The sad truth is it's been going on for years,cutback after cutback has stripped our armed forces to the bare minimum in equipment and manpower.Serving soldiers are forbiden to speak out,being forced to sign a non disclosure agreement with the threat of prison to anyone who makes a fuss!The MOD,through history,have always been run on a shoestring,having to settle for scraps of the treasury plate,only recieving adequate funding during wartime itself-Never before,even when the signs of war were evident for all to see they simply buried their heads in the sand and pretended it didn't exist!The fact that our armed forces have done so well,with so little,is a testiment to their profesionalism and training,however enough is enough!Having recently served in Iraq myself,returning in December 2004,I can confirm the dangerous state of our armed forces.We were short of everything!Not enough ammunition for our weapons(Considering the threat we were up against-attack by 100+ insurgents,we were only going out with 4 mags of 120 rounds per man!),Not enough mini mi machine guns(THREE per platoon!),under-slung 40 mm grenade launchers (or grenades(we had NINE grenades for my whole platoon!),Radios that were ancient and didn't work properly-The "Clansman" series(We had to rely on mobile phones that only worked occasionaly!)No mini-flares and not enough parachute flares for night illumination,No white phos smoke genades(I didn't see one in theatre!)insufficient amounts of signal grenades,No 24 hr emergency rations,Vehicles that were totaly useless(We've all read about the "Snatch" landrover-enough said!)We didn't have enough night sights,thermal imagers or IR torches-Just the mark one eyeball!The Lynx helicopter could only fly below a certain temperature-Not very good in a desert!(I only saw one fly in six months!)We didn't even have enough breakdown kits for our "Always breaking down, over-used,tottaly useless" vehicles!All in all I don't know how any of us made it back alive at all!The Government must be brought to task over this unforgivable policy of penny pinching over soldiers lives before more avoidable and pointless deaths occur!


Third British soldier killed in Afghanistan

Read this More innocent blood on Blairs hands!

Can we think
a thousand times before we kill
the other in the name of power
or land or ideology?

And after we have thought a thousand times,
written down the reasons,
met with friends to test our cause,
renewed the guns and missiles,
cleaned off the button;
when we have stored up food and water
for a siege, sent the children
to a safer place,
shored up bunkers in backyards,
built new ones near the mint,
thought of hero as someone
convulsed and martyred in the mud,
committed maps to memory,
studied up on ciphers, invented
a new history of disease
and buried the family jewels
to foil the looters;
once we have tolled the bells
and prayed our guttural prayers
for the spirit to be named for us;
sent factories into overtime to make the braids
and uniforms, the medals
to decorate the ones who can return,
confused shelling peas with houses,
small kingdoms crushed;
after we check procedures
for the treatment of fallout
from that most unnatural cloud,
and persuaded our young
that it is just to fight this way,
an adventure, safe, no hand to hand;

when we have done these things
and more, could we think
a thousand times again?

by Jorie Manefield Ryan

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